How to reset AirPods and what to do if reset do not help anymore

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In your ear, out of everyday life. Your Apple AirPods give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your music. No cable clutter and no connection problems - at least if everything works fine. Sometimes the small wireless headphones don't do what you want. Then they don't connect properly or don't charge. Unfortunately, a look at the manual won't help you either. But before you contact Apple support, our tips will help you solve most small problems yourself.

Apple AirPods

Restart: How to reset your AirPods

You can easily reboot in the usual Apple manner. However, this won't work on the headphones themselves. You'll also need the charger. Take both parts to the hand and proceed as follows:

1.If your AirPods are still connected to an Apple device, decouple them first.

2.On iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Find your AirPods and tap the info icon (i) next to the item.

3.In the next window, select Ignore this device. Confirm that you really want to do this.

4.Put your AirPods in the charger.

5.Make sure that both the headphones and the charger itself have a battery level of 100 percent. You can see this on the charging status display of the charging box. Simply open the lid of the speaker.

6.Now close the lid of the charging box.

7.After 15 seconds, open the lid again.

8.Now take a look at the status display. It should flash white. If it doesn't, press the set-up button on the back of the case until the status indicator flashes white.

9.To reset your AirPods to factory defaults, press the set-up button again. This time for at least 30 seconds.

10.Do not release the button until it flashes yellow several times and then white again. Then the reset has been successful.

11.You can then pair your headphones with your smartphone, Apple Watch, or other device.

In these cases the reset will help you

A reboot will disconnect the existing connection between your AirPods and other devices. After a reset it is therefore necessary to re-establish the connection. This may be a lot of work, but resetting to factory defaults will help you with many small problems with your wireless headphones, such as the following.

Battery problems

Your AirPods don't charge evenly and always show different battery levels? That's not really a mistake, it's Apple's intention. Each headphone has its own battery, so you can use them separately. In this case, the second AirPod simply remains switched off in the charge case. That saves energy.

If you really don't charge your AirPods properly, you can first check to see if your charging cable is plugged properly into the case or cradle. Or if the charging case itself has no more energy and therefore cannot charge the headphones. If everything is okay here, try the reset. After that everything usually works as it should.

Coupling with iPhone does not work

As a rule, communication between Apple devices works very well. However, from time to time it can happen that small errors creep in or the connection itself becomes slow.

For example, you may only hear something on one of the two headphones. In this case, a reset usually helps to correct the channel error.

What to do if a reset does not help anymore?

Have you reset your AirPods to factory defaults and reconnected them properly? And still some things don't work properly? Maybe the problem is elsewhere.

Check the apps you are using

Sometimes certain apps can interfere with the connection between your headphones and your iPhone. This happens when they also access the Bluetooth feature of your smartphone. You don't even have to actively use the annoying app - even if it's running in the background, it can have a negative impact on your music enjoyment.

Unfortunately, the only thing that helps here is to try it out: Turn off all apps that have access to the Bluetooth function individually and one after the other. After each app, check to see if the connection problems with your AirPods have been fixed. Usually only one app is to blame for the problems.

Note: If an app has a Bluetooth share, it can access the connection even if you're not using the app and haven't even opened it yet. Via Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth Sharing, you can check which apps are allowed to use Bluetooth and, if necessary, use the slider to disable sharing.

Siri is no longer listening

If the smart voice control doesn't respond to your headphones knocking even after the reset, there may be several reasons: You may have programmed your AirPods to respond to the double tip with a completely different function. You may also have unintentionally prohibited Siri from turning on when iPhone is locked. You can easily check and change both.

To get Siri back on track when you double-tap your headphones, go to Bluetooth > AirPods on your iPhone in Preferences. Here you can select Siri under Double Tip.

To make sure Siri communicates with you even when iPhone is locked, go to Preferences > Siri & Search. Here the slider behind Allow Siri to Lock should be set to green.

More music and fewer problems

AirPods are without question something for minimalists. There are neither cables nor buttons. Perfect - as long as everything works as it should. Because as soon as a problem arises with the mini headphones, perhaps a few more buttons and keys or a more detailed manual would be better? With our tips you can easily solve connection problems, charging problems and other small disturbances. So your AirPods won't cause you too much trouble for too long, but will quickly provide you with your favourite music again.

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