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How to resolve vape tank leakage or flooding the easy way

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An atomizer leakage is certainly frustrating. Here's how to resolve it so you can spend more time vaping and enjoying each hit.

atomizer leakage

What is atomizer leakage?

Most vapers have experienced the problem of an atomizer leaking or flooding.


Leakage means that e-juice will flow out even without any cracks of the model. It may leak out from the glass tube edge, air inlet, drip tip or bottom positive screws etc.


◆ Check if your e-cig tank is broken or has cracks and the juice leak out of a tank

◆ You should replace the tank with a new one if it’s broken.

What causes the leaking? What measures should you take?

Reason 1: Flooding in the tank

If your atomizer leaks out from the bottom or exhibits a gurgling sound, the most likely cause is flooding. It typically occurs when there is too much e-liquid, or a tank refill occurred too fast for the cotton to absorb absorbed by the cotton.


◆ You should always take great care when filling and not to rush.

◆ If you are overfilling the device, use an absorbent paper to remove the excess juice and then wipe the threads clean and dry.

Reason 2: Not closing the bottom airflow hole while opening the top filling hole

A top filling model will be subject to leakage if you open the top filling hole without closing the bottom air inflow hole.


The internal pressure of the tank is increased while opening the top filling hole.


At that moment, the whole atomizer is just like an inflator. The pressure will push the e-juice to the leading holes of coil head until refueling is completed.


◆ You could turn the atomizer upside down first, then clean the deck and coil head.

◆ Clean any juice from the base, heater core, chimney and drip tip.

◆ Place the head and the deck back on the mod, press the fire button to vaporize excess juice.

◆ Next step is screw the tank on them, open the air intake hole for about 5 minutes. After resetting the atomizer, it can be used again.

◆ You shouldn't put aside an atomizer where still hold e-juice. Vape it till the juice is out.


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Reason 3: Sealing ring is broken

The rubber ring of the coil head forms a seal. This prevents any liquid going up the center of the clearomizer and into your mouth.


However, they can be damaged easily in the vaping process.


◆ It will leak when the 0-ring is broken.

◆ Clean any juice from the base, heater core, chimney and drip tip.

◆ Change to another sealing ring if you have another one.

Reason 4: Coil head is not working

If the coil head has become worn, is faulty or is at the end of its lifespan, leakage problems will happen too. Try and replace a new heater core as this is a common issue.


To avoid a leaking problem, you need to pay attention to the way the tank is fitted, and clean both the chimney and deck frequently.


Remember to check the coil head and the sealing ring connecting to the tank.


Do the above steps, your atomizer will be well protected and enjoy a longer life expectancy.

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