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How to return Twitter timeline to chronological order on Android and iOS?

ByOleg Romanenko 2019-02-26 3467

Twitter returned to Android and iOS apps the ability to view news feeds in reverse chronological order - from the newest to the oldest. By default, Twitter first shows the most relevant tweets, which are sorted according to a certain algorithm.

Twitter timeline

How to return chronological sorting?

• Open Twitter App.


• Tap your avatar on the top left of the screen.


• Go to "Settings and Privacy" → "Content Settings" → "Timeline".


• If there is a check mark next to the option "Show the best tweets first", remove it. If there is no checkmark, put it, and then remove.



twitter arrows chronological timeline


Update the feed - you will see the most recent tweets, and not those that Twitter found most interesting to you. Soon, two tabs will appear on Twitter. In the first, tweets will be sorted in chronological order, and in the other - based on "smart" service algorithms.


There is easy way in updated APP:

Tap the "Sparkle" icon in the upper right corner of your main page. Tap "See latest Tweets instead" on the pop-up - as result this will put your timeline in chronological order.


Twitter sparkle



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