How to save a lot of battery on all Apple MacBook

ByNiki Jones 2019-08-17 3396

For many versions of macOS, Apple always has among its main objectives to achieve an operating system that does not consume excessively, that is, that is efficient with energy resources in order to extend the autonomy of its laptops. However, there is something that the system does not offer as standard, and it is a battery-saving mode , as Windows has long since offered with the Economizer, as other manufacturers implement on their own, or as Apple itself in iOS and Many companies perform on their Android smartphones.

Being able to always have the maximum power, with the power adapter or demanding battery power, is something that is appreciated, but at this point, there are situations in which it would also be good to have one of those modes of savings . There are too many situations in which we do not know what will happen in the next few hours when we are working, if we need extra energy later. A flight or a trip that lengthens, where there is no current and where we need to optimize to the maximum.

While Apple decides (or not) to implement it, we leave three applications that, well configured, can save huge amounts of energy from your battery , on any MacBook model, either MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or dry, with an asterisk in One of the alternatives.

Endurance, the easiest option for any type of user


Endurance is an application that literally brings a " Low Power Mode " (Low Power Mode) to Apple laptops. The operation of the app is no mystery. Manually, to save energy, the user can choose to dim the screen brightness, ask the application to monitor which applications consume more energy, monitor the use of Flash, always "swallower", minimize applications that are not being used , and reduce the clock frequency of the processor, in a way that disables the Turbo Boost from the processor, the technology that elevates the CPU performance when it is at maximum workload, and therefore, also consumes more power.

Endurance is similar to what Apple could implement in macOS, due to its similarity to the homologous function already present in iOS

However, the most interesting thing about Endurance is probably that it has a way in which you can activate the saving functions that we tell you automatically , according to the percentage of battery remaining. Thus, for example, we can indicate that when reaching 50%, always activate the saving mode and reduce the brightness or the performance of the processor. In my experience, it shows significantly, and working with a 2013 MacBook Pro, I scratch an hour and a half with web browsing and using simple applications.

How to save a lot of battery on all Apple MacBook 

Endurance is configured from the macOS menu bar. In it, it can be displayed as a logo, or changed to a battery percentage next to a battery icon, which depending on whether you have activated the saving mode, will contain or not a "+" symbol. When pressed, it will also offer the estimate of remaining battery time. The big drawback for many of Endurance will be its price, $ 20 . However, for those who really need such a solution, it will be even cheap, considering, especially that the developer promises free updates for life. You can download it here.

Turbo Boost Switcher, ideal for controlling only the Turbo Boost

Turbo Boost Switcher is the second most recommended application to reduce energy consumption. Against Endurance, it offers only one function, as the name implies. In the free version, the user can only deactivate Intel Turbo Boost technology manually . Its developer not only promotes it to save autonomy, but also to reduce heat and noise , for the following reasons.

How to save a lot of battery on all Apple MacBook 

When the CPU requires to use the Turbo Boost mode, in addition to demanding a lot of energy due to the use of maximum power, and as a consequence, the temperature of the equipment can double in low-load tasks. This makes the fans also rise to maximum speed. In the end, you find a very fast, but noisy, hot and inefficient team . It works as an application of the menu bar, and offers graphs of fan usage and temperature, as well as CPU usage percentages.

How to save a lot of battery on all Apple MacBook 

The paid version, Turbo Boost Switcher Pro , is equally recommended for $ 10, as as Endurance, it offers ways such as turning off Turbo Boost when the device disconnects from the charger, when lowering a certain battery level, etc. Here the promise is to obtain 25% more autonomy, something that will depend a lot on the use of each user. In my case, I save the same as with Endurance (it makes sense, because as they point out in the comments, Endurance uses Tube Boost Switcher code). You can download it here.

Volta, the most advanced and complex option


Volta is the last application we will review, and first of all we will touch its most negative aspect. Since with Volta the depth of parameters that we can modify is very high, it is necessary to disable the Protection of the integrity of the Mac system, something present from OS X El Capitan to prevent malicious programs from modifying files and folders. On the one hand, therefore, by deactivating it, we will lose security. On the other hand, deactivating requires going to Mac Recovery mode (starting with CMD + R) and, if we are in Mojave, entering the following in a Terminal line. " csrutil disable ".

If despite all this you want to try Volta, it must be said that it is a great option, because this application allows you to reduce the voltage of the processor ( undervolting , something that must be done knowingly because the processor can destabilize because it needs more voltage). With this, we will reduce the heating of the processor, and therefore it can improve the sustained performance, something that will also demand less use of the fans.

Volta is the least recommended option, but also the one that can help you save more energy

There is also the option to disable Turbo Boost, but the most interesting is the last one, the power limitation. With Volta we can set the maximum watts to which we want a processor to operate , which will also limit its clock frequency and therefore its performance. However, for tasks that demand low performance, it will be the best way to reduce consumption and overcome the thermal limitations of maximum power, particularly in equipment that dissipates poorly.

How to save a lot of battery on all Apple MacBook 

On the web, Volta developers warn of one that only works on computers with Hasswell and Broadwell processors (between 2013 and 2015) , but many users have tested the application on the latest computers and it works, even making MacBook Pro With i9, which came with performance management issues, they will work better with the wattage limitation.

Volta is priced at € 4.99 , but you can try it for free for a week.

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