How to select a laptop with the good heat dissipation?

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The temperature performance between different brands of the laptop vary widely, and there is no standard to measure how to calculate the difference. How should we look at the quality of heat dissipation?
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The surface temperature of the laptop is usually the temperature of the C surface, because the user touches the C surface (keyboard and wrist rest) when using the laptop. Therefore, judging the surface temperature control depends on the temperature performance of this region. However, the design of the laptop is also a science. A product with a good surface temperature control does not mean that heat dissipation and power control are equally good. Especially for thin and light surfaces, it may be due to the severe down-clock of the processor. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis of this issue is needed.


select a laptop with the good heat dissipation

General situation of laptop surface temperature performance

The surface temperature performance of the laptop is closely related to the software and hardware design. As mentioned before, some thin and light laptops reduce the power consumption of the processor and the graphics card in order to prevent the occurrence ofhigh temperature problems. When the heat from the heat source is controlled by the thermal module The thermal performance within the thermal efficiency will be considerable, but the performance is naturally limited. This way of controlling the surface temperature of almost all laptop products will be considered in the design, so we can see that the mobile processor and graphics card will have strict temperature wall and power wall limitations, the ultimate goal is to ensure a reasonable user experience.


select a laptop with the good heat dissipation

In order to ensure that the heat will not be transmitted to the keyboard surface in large quantities, the laptop will generally cover the metal heat shield at the bottom of the keyboard. This heat shield not only plays a role in heat insulation, but also serves as a shocking effective. The laptop uses a large keyboard to help the body to dissipate heat. This is not negligible for laptops with a valuable cooling space.

A change from the side air outlet to the screen air outlet, the heat dissipation design has become more reasonable.

Two representative designs for reference

The outlet of the laptop to be shared first is placed on the left side of the body, and the internal CPU and graphics hard disk are all concentrated on the left side. Therefore, when the user is using it, the left hand will have obvious thermal sensation. This kind of design was quite common in the past. The main consideration was to consider the use of a laptop of the user's right hand. If the air outlet is arranged on the right side, it would surely let your hands feel uncomfortable and the CPU and the graphics card should be as close to the air outlet as possible to shorten the length of the internal heat pipe.


select a laptop with the good heat dissipation

Laptop manufacturers also realized the drawbacks of this design, so thin and light laptops began to be placed in the fuselage screen outlet, and the game is located in the fuselage at the end. In order to avoid over-concentration in the high-temperature area, the product in the figure above has a CPU and other heat components placed on the left side of the fuselage, the outlet is on the right side of the screen axis. Although the original intention is good, the high heat output still causes a higher temperature in the left-hand operating area of the keyboard. For the user, this performance is still not satisfactory, but it is already a relatively reasonable idea at present.

select a laptop with the good heat dissipation

The counterexample in heat dissipation design

select a laptop with the good heat dissipation

Some manufacturers have made new design ideas in order to obtain better temperature performance. In the above figure, this single-piece lightweight product has internally designed a large-area soaking plate and heat pipe in order to obtain a more uniform heat balance. However, because the body is too thin and the thermal insulation board on the back of the keyboard has been removed, this product has a keyboard surface temperature report in the state of the CPU and graphics cards, but it is undeniable that its performance can be played. This kind of design is actually not unsuitable for light and thin, but after adding a single display, the hot plate cannot be dispersed in time and the internal heat is derived from the fan, so this design is more suitable fornuclear laptop display.


select a laptop with the good heat dissipation

The laptop in the above picture uses a dual-fan design. The CPU and the graphics card are placed between the two fans. This design is very common in the game laptop and is a successful design that has passed the test of time. However, in order to provide more space for mechanical keyboards, and to control the thickness of the whole machine, the game's necessary insulation boards are discarded. Therefore, we can see that the fans on the left and right sides have very low temperatures. And the temperature in the middle of the fever area is very high. This kind of difference situation cannot be imagined. Fortunately, when playing games, the left hand is mainly placed near the WASD key, and here is the top of the fan on the left, so at least it will not feel hot when you play the game.

How to select laptop with good heat dissipation?

The wayexcept view the thermal image map is to look at the dismantling diagram. The thickness and volume of the cooling fan, the thickness and quantity of the heat pipe, large enough heat dissipation module is the hard index to ensure the heat dissipation effect. The distribution and volume of the cooling fins are all places that we need to consider, and naturally these need related experience.


select a laptop with the good heat dissipation

After reading this article, everyone will have a new understanding of the laptop cooling design knowledge, but the deficiencies are all in common, there is no design is perfect, everyone in the purchase should not be too picky, can be done with the rules is already a reasonable product.


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