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How to set up eSIM on Apple iPhone XR and XS?

ByHenry Wang 2019-01-05 6149

What is eSIM card? what is the function of it, and why we need it? How to set up eSIM on Apple iPhone XR and XS? This post we will talk about the new SIM card technology: eSIM card.

new iPhone eSIM card

What is eSIM card?

eSIM card is an embedded SIM card, which needs the support of carriers for use. The concept of eSIM card is to embed the traditional SIM card directly into the device chip, instead of adding the device as a separate removable component. Users do not need to insert a physical SIM card.


Why we need need eSIM card?

Because of the direct integration in the body, users can freely switch carriers without any restrictions as long as the network system supports.

From the point of equipment design, it can allow the equipment to leave more internal space to accommodate other components, and the smartphone body can be lighter and thinner.

The outbound roaming service is actually realized by using the eSIM technology. When you want to travel abroad, you can just buy the right package instead of replacing the local physical SIM card, which is very convenient for people who travel a lot.

How to set up eSIM on Apple iPhone XR and XS?

If you want to add an eSIM to your iPhone XR or XS and either be a customer of one of the two carriers (or be willing to be one of them), follow these steps.

two eSIM on iPhone XR or XS  

First, you are supposed to purchase a new eSIM account on the AT&T website.

Your device's IMEI number (which identifies the unique number of your particular phone) is needed there. To find it, Please click "Settings"- "General"- "About".


Second, you need to set the phone to a dual SIM card.

Go to "Settings"- "Cellular"- "Add Cellular Plan". And then scan the two-dimensional code that is offered by the carrier. If the system requires you to enter a confirmation code to activate eSIM, please enter the number provided by the carrier.


Third, you should use the carrier’s application.

You can visit the App Store to download the carrier’s application and buy a cellular mobile number through it.

Fourth, input the package information manually

Click "Manual Input" at the bottom of the iPhone screen. You can store many eSIMs there, but you can only use one at a time. To switch eSIM, click "Settings"-"Cellular Mobile Network"- "Cellular Mobile Number", and then click the number you want to use. Next, click "Enable this number".


T-Mobile's eSIM support for new iPhones is limited to prepaid service

AT&T and Verizon have switched on their support for eSIMs in iPhones, it's T-Mobile's turn. There's one big gotcha: it's currently limited to prepaid service. 



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