How to set up Wireless bridging in Feisun Router [Picture and text]

ByAbigael Levitt 2020-01-02 1476

First of all, make sure that the main router has access to the Internet, assuming that the management address of the main router is

Method 1: use the wireless access mode (there is no requirement for the primary router)

1, this method only needs to adjust the secondary router, the default landing address of the secondary router is, then log in to the management interface of the secondary router, modify the management address of the secondary router to (the value of the third paragraph is not 1, the number between 0 and 255 is OK).

2, enter [WAN Settings], select "Wireless access" (if it is not set through the "Quick Wizard", it cannot be set here)

3, click "Wireless AP list", the following window will pop up. The table displays as a nearby wireless signal, select the wireless signal you want to connect to, and click "Connect".

4, after clicking "Connect", [SSID number] will display the wireless signal to be connected. "Security Mode" and "encryption Type" will automatically become the same as the upper device. You only need to enter the [password] of the upper wireless signal correctly. [WAN port connection type] generally select "dynamic IP", select "static IP" as needed, and finally click "Save".

5. Click "running status" after saving, and the assigned address of the upper device has been obtained, which means that the setting is successful and you can connect to the secondary router to surf the Internet.

Note: the wireless name and password in the secondary router are irrelevant to the upper router and are not recommended.

Method 2: WDS wireless bridging (preferably a model for primary and secondary routers)

It is recommended that you first configure the computer with an address, as shown in the following figure:

The setting of the main router

Wireless settings. Fixed [channel], adjust [bandwidth] to 20MHz, and then save.

WDS settings. [WDS mode] Select [lazymode], do not modify the rest, and then save.

The primary router has been set up, and the next step is to set up the secondary router.

L secondary router setting

Wireless settings. The same as the primary router, it must be on the same channel as the primary router, and the [bandwidth] is also set to 20MHZ.

DHCP settings. Disable the DHCP server.

If you select [AP mode] in the [working mode] selection, you don't have to disable DHCP in the previous step. [AP mode] the DHCP server is disabled by default.

Manage address changes. It is recommended that the IP of the secondary router be changed to (which is different from the last bit of the management address of the primary router) to facilitate management.

WDS settings. Select [repeatermode], click [search], pop up the wireless AP list, find the signal name of the main router, click "Connect", and then click "Save" below.

At this time, the primary and secondary router has been set up, modify the computer local connection properties, change to automatically obtain the IP address, at this time the computer is connected to the secondary router, if the IP address can be obtained, it means that the bridge has been successful, wireless can also be used.


After setting up, the computer can not get the address, but the power can be cut off and the two devices can be rebooted.

B is not recommended to connect A, and then C to connect B, can operate but can not guarantee the quality of the network.

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