How to solve the problem that the refrigerator door can not be closed properly [introduction]

ByJenica Ramian 2019-12-30 2031

With the arrival of the hot summer, we have a lot of food will be placed in the refrigerator, it in our daily life is very high frequency, so in the process of using the refrigerator, there is no refrigerator door closed situation? So what to do if the refrigerator door is not closed tightly? what are the reasons and solutions for not closing the refrigerator door? Today, the editor will take you to learn more about the specific situation.

What if the refrigerator door can not be closed tightly?

1, hot water soaking method

You can unload the refrigerator door, cut the four corners of the seal with a knife, and pull out the magnetic strip. Remove the door seal, as long as the deformed door seal is soaked in hot water about 60 degrees Celsius, turn it from time to time, remove it after 8 minutes, put it on a flat table and gently straighten it with your hand. After cooling, the curved door seal will be flat and straight.

2, hair dryer setting method

When the seal does not blow for about two minutes, the deformation of the door seal is eliminated and the air leakage is repaired.

3, method of removing iron scraps from refrigerator door sealing

The iron filings or metal powder adsorbed on the magnetic door seal make the box door not closed strictly, or even wear the door seal, you can attach white paper to the place without iron shavings, sweep the iron shavings onto the paper with a brush or rag, and then lift the white paper, and the iron shavings will fall off.

4, repair door sealing method with white rubber

If the door seal is slightly deformed and the plane is not straight, you can loosen the screws that fix the door seal, insert the white rubber into the plane where there is a gap, and then tighten the screw again to eliminate the gap. If the box door is not parallel to the box body after closing, the bracket of the fixed box door can be adjusted to be parallel to the two, or some soft plastic foam can be inserted into the gap of the door seal to solve the lax sealing of the door.

Why the refrigerator door can not be closed tightly and the solution is?

1. The damping of refrigerator is reduced by

In our image, the refrigerator door is so tight that it takes a lot of effort to open it, and now the freezer under the refrigerator is basically designed with a drawer, so that children no longer have to worry about their problems. I believe many friends have this feeling that some refrigerator doors are so attractive that even adults need some strength to open them. Sometimes the whole refrigerator trembles after the refrigerator door is opened, and even some things accidentally fall. Therefore, in order to enhance users' experience when opening and closing doors and reduce the strength they use when opening and closing doors, many refrigerator manufacturers meet the national requirements for the tightness of refrigerators. Gradually began to reduce the damping of the refrigerator door, thus making it more convenient for users to open and close the door.


Buy a more suction refrigerator, as for how much suction, it is up to your own needs to choose, before buying the refrigerator, consumers can open the refrigerator door switch, so you can feel it.

2, door seal aging

Door seal aging, deformation, resulting in the refrigerator door can not be closed, this is a very common situation. Because with the increase in the number of times users open and close the door and often adsorb on the refrigerator box, the door seal of the refrigerator can be said to be almost always in a state of force. after a long time, it is inevitable that some aging, deformation, so that the door seal appears local depression, deformation, resulting in air-conditioning overflow, resulting in lax closing of the refrigerator door.


If the refrigerator is because of long-term use, the door seal aging so that the refrigerator door can not be closed, it is best to ask professional after-sales maintenance service personnel to solve the problem.

3, unreasonable usage

Because the refrigerator suction design in the past is relatively large, so many users will not pay much attention when closing the door, sometimes the strength is very strong, the refrigerator can also be firmly sucked on the door. In fact, the strong closing of the door is not conducive to the maintenance of the refrigerator, if you do not pay attention for a long time, it may accelerate the damage of the door seal, and more or less will cause some damage to the refrigerator box, which will lead to the deformation of the refrigerator door seal and air leakage.


When we use the refrigerator every day, we should form a good habit, try not to use too much strength when closing the door, nudge to ensure that the door can be closed, and try not to put too many heavy objects on the door. this can also prevent the door body from being deformed due to long-term "excessive load". In short, prevention in daily life is very important.

The above is about the refrigerator door can not be closed how to do, the refrigerator door can not be closed the reasons and solutions related to the content, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

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