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How to speed up your iPhone by clearing your cache?

ByMatthieu Andre 2019-03-13 9190

Get a bunch of Applications on your iPhone? Documents stack on your device may cause a poor performance and even lead to a frozen screen. Because you leak data on Websites or Applications, your system will automatically update before you log-in and have access. Regards to your storage capacity, major internal improvements by Apple will optimize your device by clearing your cache and erasing data. Efficient and powerful, if you want your iPhone run faster, here are few tips.

1. Delete your Safari Cache

If you experience a slow running phone and can’t open your Web browser, a clear cache will erase all your data and optimize your storage capacity. Your Webpage will load faster and be smoother by having deleting your history.  Indeed, most of Web browsers such as Safari retain your personal information’s under your agreement by causing a slow performance on your phone or by reselling and analyzing your data to an agent.


Therefore, to ensure a maximum of efficiency during your use, save first all your passwords before you delete your Safari cache. This will result by a newly log-in created, and an optimized Webpage to load faster. If you want to delete your Safari Cache, please follow instructions above.

Step 1. Go your Settings.

Step 2. Click on Password and Account.

Click on Password and Account 

Step 3. Tap Safari.

Tap Safari 

Step 4. Click On Clear History and Website Data.

Clear History and Website Data 

Step 5. Click on Proceed and Confirm.

Nevertheless, if you fully clear cache your Web browser, your history will be blank but some related data’s will be stored on third party Application. By clearing out your APP data as explained above, your storage capacity will be increased and performance faster.

2. Clear out your APP data

Recent applications on iPhone may take up storage space on your device due to a new version. Indeed, third party Applications are constantly improving their Applications with new advanced features to fix major issues.  Focused on your daily habits, they tend to update automatically their version before you switch off your device. New data will be involved before you log-in to your APP and have access.


Therefore, if you are not using them and experiment storage issue, that is recommended to clear out your APP data you are no longer interested as shown above.

Step 1. Go to your Settings.

Step 2. Tap General.

Tap General 

Step 3. Click on iPhone Storage.

Click on iPhone Storage 

Step 4. Select your APP and tap on Documents and Data.

Documents and Data 

Step 5. Tap on Delete APP to clear cache your APP.

By doing manually, your files such as music, messages or videos won't be fully deleted as you may experience overload files, generally time consuming to go through one by one and clean up them. Trends having changed in term of habits, downloading a smart cleaner APP will automate your cleaning with regular cycles and optimize your device accordingly as show above.

3. Download a smart cleaner APP

Known as one the most powerful and effective cleaning methods, a smart cleaner APP will regularly clean up your Applications and erase your APP data. By downloading it on your Mac and transferring via USB cable to your iPhone, the various cleaning cycles set weekly will increase your device's performance and storage capacity. Depending on your auto-settings, the full cleaning will be control and monitor by a scanning, filtering automatically all your files before erasing data. Convenient and safe, you will be able to know which files are selected before you confirm a complete erase.


If you want therefore to optimize your storage capacity on your iPhone, one of the best smart cleaner Applications will guide you step by step to smoother your system. Nevertheless, as the APP is automated to filter and clean up on a regular basis, the cleaning probability of your scanning may not fully complete and require necessarily a factory reset to erase data as explained above.

cleaner APP 

4. Perform a Factory Reset

If you want to remove all your data from your iPhone and have enough storage space, a factory reset is the best solution. This will erase all your data from your phone’s internal storage including your iOs account, APP data and settings, contents such as music, photos, etc. By doing so, your phone will reset to its original version before pressing "Confirm "button. Effective and powerful method therefore, all your data will be wipe on each category by ensuring a high performance and storage capacity on your iPhone.

Please follow steps to erase all data.

Step 1. Go to your Settings.

Step 2.  Tap General.

Step 3. Tap Reset.

Step 4. Select Erase All Content and Settings.

Erase All Content and Settings 

Step 5. Type your Passcode.

Step 6. Enter your Apple ID. 

Apple ID 

Step 7. Click Erase.

In parallel, the time frame of your factory reset will be temporarily as you may download new Applications or receive new APP notifications on your device causing a slow running phone. Therefore, that is recommended to simplify your home screen in order to fully control your device as show above.

5. Simplify your home screen

Displaying when you unlock your phone, a home screen can animate itself and slow down your phone once you enter your password. Some traditional ways to increase your performance's device is to replace by a static image, removing unwanted live wallpapers, widgets or Applications. Somehow, the interface screen will be faster and opening Applications will be much smoother without any interruption.

Simplify your home screen 

However, if you are having difficulties to simplify your home screen, and your phone is in critical condition due to massive Applications loaded, a simple reboot will fix all your issues and improve your device's speed.

6. Reboot your iPhone

A simple reboot allows you to clear cache, but also to fix screen issues. By holding down button, your phone will switch off automatically by closing all your Applications.  Your frozen screen will therefore disappear allowing you to control your device. This is without doubt one of the most effective solutions to speed up your iPhone.

Reboot your iPhone  

Wrap up

To conclude, multi options were developed to erase your data and make your device run faster. Indeed, generally taking up some space and occupying your storage capacity, you may encounter some difficulties to unlock your phone, and have access. Therefore, some traditional tips must be reminded to speed up your iPhone.

- Firstly, delete your Safari cache when you can't open your Web browser

- Secondly, clear out your APP data to faster your log-in

- Thirdly, download a smart cleaner APP to scan your files and automate your cleaning

- Fourthly, perform a factory reset when your phone is in critical condition. Simplify your home screen if your screen is frozen

- Finally, reboot your phone if none of these steps works


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