How to stop Windows 10 laptop entering sleep mode

ByGB Blog Official 2016-10-19 14818

It's like coffee for Win 10 laptops - stop your Win 10 laptop sleeping! Sometimes you just have to keep that laptop working hard without a break.

Want to do manual or automatic backups, or even downloads? Different OS have different methods to solve this problem, but they all share some similarities.


Sleep Mode and why it helps

A new laptop running Windows 10 is configured right out of the box to enter sleep mode when you close its lid. For most usage scenarios, this has some benefits:

Saves power as the display consumes a significant amount of battery

Ensures privacy so nobody else can see your laptop screen


How to disable Sleep Mode

However, while sleep mode is useful, sometimes you need to disable it to keep the processes, tasks, and applications continuing.

Now let's get to the detailed steps:

1. Go to Start > Settings

2. Click on “System” > “Power & Sleep”


3. Choose “Additional power settings” at the bottom. This will list “Power Options”


4. Select “Choose what closing the lid does”

5. Then change the setting to “Do nothing”


This is especially useful for workaholics who want to keep their notebook working overtime and burning the midnight oil. It does use much more battery so keep this in mind, or keep it plugged into AC.

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