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How to stop your Alexa device from recording your private conversations

ByMatthieu Andre 2019-02-09 2371

Your smart home device record your private conversations? Smart homes devices like Alexa are featured to listen and record all your private conversations when you give a command. To keep your privacy and consent with terms of use, here are few tips to stop your Alexa device from recording your private conversations.

Alexa device 

Why Alexa device does record your voice?

Before moving forward on tips, that is necessary to understand why Alexa device record your voice. Made by Amazon, Alexa device record clips of your voice when you give a command and transmits those recordings to the cloud, where a remote server processes your request.


By then, the recordings will be stored by that server unless you delete them. Analyzing and detecting your data, new Alexa devices featured AI options, allowing users to stream their music via Applications, control the device via their voices, etc. Though Amazon has some strict and specific policies, you can keep your privacy and easily review and delete your recordings as its stored on Cloud.


Hence, let's figure out how to stop your Alexa device from recording your private conversation.

1. Turn off "Follow-Up Mode"

The first step is to deny access to your Alexa device when you initially set up it. By installing your smart home device into your homes with microphones, the smart home device is capable of understanding your voices and therefore records them. Having the ability to make follow up requests without needing to repeat the wake word, you can always manually turn off this option by simply pressing the button on the top of the device. The light therefore won't display so that it won't be able to monitor your conversation after the initial wake word trigger. To turn off your "Follow-up mode", please follow instructions:

Step 1. Open Alexa.

Step 2. Tap Menu on the side.

Tap Menu on the side 

Step 3. Select Settings.

Select Settings 

Step 4. Select your device.

Select your device 

Step 5. Turn off Follow-Up Mode.

Turn off Follow-Up Mode. 

Turning off your voice purchasing and setting up a pin code will secure your personal information's. Indeed, detecting and analyzing all your data on your Applications, Alexa device will transfer them to the servers. If you worried therefore about your privacy as some specific cases were reported to Amazon, you can take control of your device by denying access.

2. Deny access to your contacts

Second step is to deny access to your contacts. Indeed, Alexa device can send audio messages to another person. To keep your privacy safe, you need to deny access to your Alexa device when you initially set up it.


However, if you want your Alexa device to maintain access to your contacts or have already set up your settings, you can remove the access by simply calling Amazon’s customer service at 1 (888)240-4331. This will result by a remote control to disable this feature.

3. Change the wake word

Once you denied access to your Alexa device, change the wake word. Alexa device is built with AI options to record your messages, audios.  Meaning you can control by voice, it may misunderstand due to the complex algorithms system and record wrongs words accordingly. Featuring a wake word option, you can change it as it is set up as default "Alexa".


Nevertheless, by doing so, you won't be able to customize it but you can choose from a couple of options such as "Echo", "Amazon" or "computer". Among other things, this will stop your device from recording your conversation and avoid any accidental triggers from it.

4. Turn off your microphone

If previous tips fail, you can turn off your microphone from the device. Though the microphone is used to speak, it absorbs all your sounds making the device keep recording and breach your privacy.  


Muting the device will stop it from recording your conversation ahead of misunderstanding words. By doing manually, you can turn off your microphone by pressing the button on the top of your device "On / Off".  Make sure you disable your microphone to ensure the technology is not recording though and won't repeat your messages.

5. Switch off your camera

 New Alexa devices feature video built-in allowing users to speak on screen.  By reading Alexa terms of use, you consent to agreement with a constant recording.  If you want to keep your privacy safe, tap and hide your camera, so that the device won't be able to monitor your conversations, analyze or detect your information's.


In addition, switch off your camera's sound system tracking you down. Your information will thus remain safe and you will feel much more comfortable without any recording system.

6. Delete your recording messages

Finally, if you want a complete protection, deleting your messages on Alexa device can protect you. Indeed, keeping and storing them will obstruct to your privacy by constant recordings featured by AI system.


But also, known as a smart device, your personal information will be sent to servers which they use for commercial purposes. The only way therefore is to keep your privacy and prevent any data stolen by deleting all your messages stored on your device. To do so, please follow instructions below:

Step 1. Go to the Amazon Echo app.

Step 2.  Select Alexa account.

Select Alexa account 

Step 3. Select  History.

Select History 

Step 4. Select a recording.

Select a recording

Step 5. Delete voice recordings.

Delete voice recordings. 

After clearing up your messages, make sure you ticked the delete voice recordings and wiped your AI memory. If you need support about how to delete your recording messages or if you can't find your solution, please go on Amazon Alexa FAQ.

Wrap up

Overall, although Alexa device is convenient for users by a voice control, it may cause a breach in your privacy taking over your information's. Trusting a smart home device while you are setting up your specific features may cause dysfunctionalities or lead to a functional issue, performing the device to various records.  New Alexa devices are designed to perform and control your applications via voice, but a misunderstanding may occurs leading you to an unforeseen situation. To prevent you therefore from Alexa device, some steps must be reminded.

Firstly, turn off your Follow-up mode and deny access to your contacts. This will prevent you any risks while you are in conversation with people.

Secondly, if you feel your device is still listening and recording, change the wake word. By doing so, it won't able to track you down and monitor your conversation.

Thirdly, turn off your microphone to ensure a complete protection. By deactivating it, your information remains safe.

Finally, if you still can't solve your problem, other protective measures such as switching off camera or deleting messages will protect you and prevent any risks in case of recording.


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