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How to sync contacts to a new phone?

ByMatthieu Andre 2018-12-22 6837

Got a new device? Moving over your contacts to a new phone has never been easier. Cloud and Applications are an essence leading to an efficient storage capacity and transfer for users. Here is how to transfer your contacts from your old device across to your new phone.

syncing contacts from a phone to a new phone 

1. Use phone transfer

Phone transfer is a software allowing you to easily transfer, back up, copy or restore your contents to another operating device such as Android, iOs, Blackberry. Adopting a practical and fast approach, you can sync and move all your contacts to a new smartphone without any risk.


Indeed, by transferring your contacts, it will save you time, secure your data and prevent any potential data loss. Besides, his flexibility and compatibility will ensure you a smooth and safe experience, so that you can take over control and manage efficiently your contacts. To use phone transfer through a computer or laptop, please follow steps:

Step 1. Download phone transfer here 

Step 2. Choose Switch

Step 3. Use USB cables to connect your old device and new device through your computer

useing USB cables to connect the two phones 

Step 4. Transfer contacts

transfering contacts 

After plugging both devices, disconnect them for a normal use.

2. Move your contacts via SIM card

Importing or exporting contacts can also be generated by SIM card. Copying your contacts on your old phone and inserting a SIM card to your new device will ensure all your data secure. However, make sure your phone is unlocked and the capacity storage is fully operational. That is because some SIM cards do have strict restrictions, speed transmission will be faster and perform your device.


Efficient and fast way of transferring contacts, SIM card will benefit you in term of convenience and prevent any data loss. Compact and lightweight, transferring your contacts via SIM card to another device will therefore save you time and avoid you any risky situations. To synchronize through a SIM card, please follow steps:

Step 1. Copy and move your contacts stored in your old phone via SIM card

Step 2. Insert your SIM into your new device

Step 3. Copy the numbers on your new device

import SIM contact to phone 

3. Synchronize your contacts Over-The-Air

Following are the way to synchronize your contacts Over-The-Air.

Store on Cloud

Saving all contacts on the Cloud storage from one phone to another one became an easy process. If you saved on Cloud before via Internet, you can easily import or export your contacts onto iCloud, Gmail or Outlook.  Depending on the third application compatible with your device, it requires having a full phonebook stored on your computer before transferring all your contacts. Reliable, fast and stable, it provides a large storage and excels durability. Therefore, Cloud storage will give you an excellent convenience and life cycle, keep your data safe, and thus avoid you any data loss.

Cloud storage 

Use a third party Application

If you saved on Cloud your contacts, you will be able to synchronize them via a third party Application.

In order to make Over-the-Air contacts transfer from one phone to another one efficiently, you will need your phonebook stored and install a third party Application as shown cf-below:

● Google Sync:  Google Sync can keep your phone’s address book in sync with your Google contacts. Featuring with major alerts, incoming messages or notifications, it enforces safety policies on Google Cloud storage and thus protects your data efficiently. Compatible with most of phones such with Android devices, Blackberry, Nokia and iOS, Google Sync will transfer all your contacts to new device by simply connecting to the internet and logging. However, both devices need Google Sync Application to ensure a safe data transmission on Cloud storage and thus, have same contacts automatically. Easy, fast and secure, steps may be difficult for users to synchronize them.

Google Sync Application 

● Mobical:  Mobical is an online service that uses Cloud to carry out contacts transfer. Compatible with most mobile phones, it offers a free downloading to set up the Application on old phone. The software will create automatically a backup of your contacts in the Cloud storage and transfer your saved contacts to your new phone. Convenient, safe, Mobical is therefore a key solution to prevent any data loss, and a perfect combination between saving time and securing data.


● PC Suite sync Outlook: PC suite is an Application to transfer all your contacts from your old phone to your new phone and synchronize them to your Cloud storage such as Outlook. Saving you time, PC Suite is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and automatically back up, transfer, secure your data to Cloud storage through your Outlook. Though the method is complicated to set up, it requires installing on devices PC Suite before transferring contacts and logging Cloud to synchronize them.

PC Suite 

4. Transfer through a memory card

A memory card can help you transfer all your contacts by backing up or saving them from one phone to another one. Easy process, secure and fast, it requires to insert a memory card on devices, cables and set up an Application through your computer. It allows synchronizing all your contacts in a second with high speed transmission via Internet and offering large capacity storage.


 transfering through a memory card 

Generally adopting restrictions on specific devices, this particular option is available only in mobile phones such as Samsung, which does allow you to back up and transfer your contacts onto the memory card. Therefore, using a memory card does allow you to update and enjoy a high speed transfer through your new device.

Wrap up

Overall, there are multi-options to synchronize your contacts from your old phone to your new device.


Firstly, using the Cloud will not only  help you to store, share contents, it will also help you to synchronize your daily data and keep update your contacts, preventing therefore any data loss.


Secondly, using SIM card is an excellent way of transferring data due to high speed transmission, safety and convenience. However, restrictions on SIM card applied on devices may cause difficulties to transfer though.


Thirdly, phone transfer which is a software will synchronize all your contacts from your old phone to new one and update them. It will give you flexibility and a smooth experience by connecting both devices.


Finally, if you can't synchronize your contacts efficiently, a memory card will secure and transmit all of them in a second between devices.  However,  major difficulties may occur.



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