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How to take a screenshot quickly with your Xiaomi mobile phone?

ByNiki Jones 2019-01-04 19443

Nowadays, it's really frequent to take a screenshot with our own phone. Here, I’ll take a simple introduction about quick screenshot of Xiaomi Mi phone-- 5 methods. In addition to the "Three fingers swipe down", "long-press volume down and power button" and "Bar shortcuts" that we used in early, there are also other 2 methods, you may not know!
Xiaomi Mi MIX 3

1. Three fingers swipe down to screenshot

 The function officially landed on MIUI 8 development edition on July 8, 2016, which is very popular with MIUI users. In fact, the "three fingers swipe down" is essentially the "Button and gesture shortcuts" in the phone to set the screenshot. Of course, for some users, it's okay to like to use the long press "Home" button, or other customized gestures.

gesture and button shortcut 

2. Long-press volume down and power button

The method is very simple, it is also universal method for Android phones. All you need to do is long press volume down and power button. I believe everyone is familiar with this function. Of course, Xiaomi Mi phones also support this method to take a screenshot.

Long-press volume down and power button 

3. Pull down notification bar and tap "screenshot"

The MIUI notification bar on the xiaomi phone, find the [screenshot], click can automatically take a quick screenshot, as shown in the figure:

Pull down notification bar and tap “screenshot” 

4.The quick ball to screenshot

 [Settings] -[Additional Settings], then to find [Quick ball], select open, tap the icon "screenshot", you can quickly and automatically take a screenshot, as shown in the figure:

quick ball to Screenshot 

5. Xiao Ai assistant

If you don't want to do it by your hands, you can take a screenshot by using your Xiao Ai voice assistant: App password - [shot] or [screenshot].


Personally, I recommend using software to take screenshots, which relatively reduce the loss of the hardware and there will be no wrong operation. Among them, method 1 is recommended, the" three fingers swipe down" is essentially the "Button and gesture shortcuts" " in the phone to set the screenshot.Of course, you want to experience voice wake-up, also use Xiao Ai classmate.


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