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How to track your data usage on your iPhone with Screen Time?

ByMatthieu Andre 2019-02-28 10055

Addicted to your iPhone? The emergence of Applications constantly developed on iPhone differ by their originality and performance. Mostly free on iOS platform, they can stimulate your brain by creating a real happiness. But being an important risk for health, Screen Time APP was released to control and monitor the time spent on your APP. So, let’s have a close look on how to track your data usage on your iPhone with Screen Time.

Screen Time 

What is Screen Time?

Launched by Apple, Screen Time is an APP tool allowing you to monitor and manage efficiently your time spent on your iPhone, iPad, iPod. By featuring a Screen Time chart, you can custom and restrict your Screen Time by controlling your data and reports. Indeed, each Application used will be recorded and display accurately your hours spent. Among other things, the monitoring tool will be able to control and limit the time overdue.


How to track your data usage on your iPhone with Screen Time


Largely used for kids when they are playing Applications (especially play phone games), sharing access to your family's member can give an entire control of Screen Time when you are away. Keeping thus a well-balance with your cyber risk management, your tracking data usage on iPhone will be much more secure and faster since your official APP record on real time. If you want to track down your Screen Time, Apple's version offers a smoothness and easiness on each step as shown above.


Screen Time is a new feature of iOS 12, related post: Which iOS devices support iOS 12?

Switch on your Screen Time

Before monitoring and controlling your data, switch on your Screen Time to fully access on your daily Screen Time chart. This will give you a complete report about how much hours spent on your phone you frequently used. Built-in in your settings, the interface was improved by new iOs updates, making your access easier and smoother. By topping on, you will also be able to connect other devices on your Screen Time from one account. Therefore, if you want to switch on your Screen Time, please follow steps above:

1. Enter iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Settings.

2. Tap On the Screen Time.

Tap On the Screen Time 

3. Turn On Screen Time.

Turn On Screen Time 

4. Click Continue.

Click Continue 

Renowned this year as one the most national parenting products awards, the APP offer multiple options preventing your addiction by controlling and monitoring your data, customizing and restricting or giving access to your family's member, as explained above.

Monitoring and controlling your data

According to scientists, daily average iPhone use time is about 3 hours by checking the most popular Applications such as Gmail or Youtube. The psychology of people having changed since the emergence of Smartphone's, they feel much happier by creating dopamine which is a substance stimulating your brain. By setting up your Screen Time, you will majorly change your daily habits by monitoring and controlling your data on iPhone.


Among other things, you will keep control of your APP and know your current time spent by receiving notifications, reports, etc. Your productivity activity report will be stored accurately for a week so that your influence will change regarding your phone use.  But not only limited to an influence change, monitoring tool will also help you to prevent cyber risk management by customizing and restricting some Applications as shown above.

Monitoring and controlling your data  

Custom and restrict your Screen Time

Kid's influence on advanced technologies became higher due to massive Applications developed. Having a major impact on health, part of them became addicted by increasing their stimulations and effects on devices. Aware of those risks, Apple therefore developed advanced features on Screen Time by allowing users to restrict and customize specific Applications. By including four filters such as APP limits, content and privacy restrictions, you will be able to set boundaries to your kid by blocking Applications, setting time limit or period of downtime, or even allowing some Applications under strict conditions.


This revolutionary technology perceived as one the most powerful parenting tools, will ensure therefore a complete safeguard by filtering your chosen option to your kid. Nevertheless, if you are away and want to keep tracking your kid's Screen Time, sharing access to your family's member will help you to know your current kid's data as shown above.

Custom and restrict your Screen Time 

Sharing access to your family

Implemented with Family Sharing APP, you can share videos, music, Applications and more by adding a family member in your contact. By giving authorization, family member will take control of your Screen Time when you are away and keep tracking your data on iPhone. Indeed, able to connect multiple devices from one account, Screen Time will record your time spent on iPhone by using the remote control option. Safe, reliable and innovative, the family circle including kid will constantly have access to Screen Time since the sharing family is a group. Therefore, all your tracking data usage will be known by being shared.

If you are already in a family group:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Open your Screen Time.

3. Type the name.

4. Share contact.

Sharing access to your family  

Wrap up

To conclude, we can describe Screen Time as a powerful monitoring tool for kids, but also for adults. By simplifying its smooth interface and access to various features, the switching On button will be immediate allowing you to start monitoring and control your Screen Time. This will record your hours spent on your APP. However, if you would prefer to custom and restrict a specific APP, Screen Time developed four powerful filters. Largely used for setting boundaries, it became a parental tool with a sharing access to family's member.


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