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How to track your lost iPhone and Android phone?

BySteve Lowry 2018-12-14 15566

Phone plays an important role in our life, how to do if you lost your phone? Whatever iPhone, Samsung phone, Huawei phone, Xiaomi Mi phone or other Android phones, this post will provide the all the methods to track your lost phone.


find my phone



When you turn on Find My iPhone, iCloud can help you get your missing device back. And if your device is ever lost or stolen, Activation Lock keeps your information safe and makes it hard for anyone to use or sell it.


find lost iPhone


Huawei phone

Login Huawei ID, like the iPhone, when the mobile phone is lost, you can use the computer to access the official website for remote positioning, remote locking of the mobile phone, and remote emptying of the mobile phone data. This will increase the opportunity for mobile phone to retrieve and prevent privacy disclosure.


Huawei cloud



Samsung phone

Don't panic. Find My Mobile will help you track your device and protect your data. You can even use it to unlock your phone if you forget your password or PIN. 


Samsung find my phone


*To use this service, you must be signed in to your Samsung account on your device.


Xiaomi Mi phone

If you lost your Xiaomi Mi phone associated with your Xiaomi account, the Find Device feature in MI Cloud can help you track your phone and keep your data safe.


Xiaomi Mi cloud


Gearbest blog have post related article, for more details: How to use MI Cloud to find your lost Xiaomi phone



Common Android phone location methods

Nowadays, more and more mobile phones have launched a powerful cloud service function similar to iCloud to track mobile phones. You can login to the official website of the relevant mobile phone to use this free service. Of course, there are quite a few smartphones that do not have the cloud service. How do you track the phone? Next, we will introduce several common methods for locating Android phones.


1. Use the phone number to track your android phone

● Carrier cooperation


Mobile phone base station positioning, that is, analog positioning, using the method of triangular positioning, of course, in general, not professional workers are not called by this ability. And, if the other party is not a terrorist leader, you cannot enjoy this positioning treatment. The location of the police station positioning the car is also the reason, the constant movement to achieve the precise positioning of the triangle formula calculation, coupled with the horizontal ranging, so that the results are much more accurate than the single base station positioning.


● Phone number location App


There are many mobile phone number location App.Those Apps often used by parents to monitor their children. After the mobile phone number is registered and registered, the information of adding the positioning number is added. After the added positioning, the positioned party will receive the verification, and the verification succeeds and the positioning can be performed. The premise is that the other party must agree.


phone number location


*Most of Phone number location App has regional restrictions and device restrictions.

2. Using Google Find My Device for Android


Log into the Android Device Manager website, Select your phone, then you can review your phone's location. Also if you want to prevent your Android's data from being recovered, you can lock it down.


Google find my device


3. Using Google Maps – your timeline

Turn on the Google maps, click the upper-left corner menu of the page. A pop-out menu will appear on the left side of the page. Then click “your timeline”, it will bring up the location history menu.


Google maps


4. Using the IMEI to track your phone

Without a SIM card, GPS location or Internet access, it may seem like all is lost when your phone goes missing. Then you can use IMEI number to solve it.


We have written a post about to introduce this method: How to use IMEI number to track your lost Android phone


Wrap up


Don't be afraid of losing your phone, there are various ways to help you deal with it. All of the above methods are used to track the mobile phone, providing a message for you to find the mobile phone. For practical reasons, it is impossible for everyone to be lucky enough to find the mobile phone. These are some remedies, not all-powerful. The most important point: Protect your phone and don't lose it.



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