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How to transfer data from old phone to HUAWEI phone?

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-12 14625

With the development of technology, mobile phones have more and more memory, resulting in our mobile phones slowly accumulated very, very many contacts, text messages, call records, photos, pictures, documents, music, movies, video and other important data. And when we need to change a mobile phone, we need to face a problem! That's where the data needs to be transferred. This article will teach you how to move data from an old phone to your HUAWEI phone.

 transferING data from old phone to HUAWEI phone 

Phone clone is a mobile phone data moving software developed by HUAWEI, which has the following features:

● Free to use, completely wireless, easy four-step migration & ultra-fast speed using local hotspot.

● Transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, music & apps from your old Android mobile phone to your new HUAWEI smartphone.

● Transfer contacts, photos & videos from your iPhone to your new HUAWEI smartphone.

● Even more transfer capabilities from HUAWEI to HUAWEI popularity: transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, apps & app data, Settings, alarms, memos, browser bookmarks & phone layout.

How to use phone clone to transfer data?

1. Slip phone screen down to bring up a quick search interface, search for phone clone. If the phone is not installed within the APP, click on the following will go directly to application market, click download and install the phone clone (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? Id = com. Hicloud. Android. Clone&hl = en).

EMUI9.0 system has built “phone clone” directly into the system. The open path is: Settings - system - phone clone.

2. New phone open the phone clone App(new cell phone if you have authorization, all points allowed), step 1: click "this is new phone"; step 2: choose Android (note: this is choose what is old cell phone models, if it is a choice of the other two apple); step 3: select close  mobile data, the last new opportunities to display a set of QR code and build a hotspot, waiting for the old phone code link.

3.  Old phone open the phone clone, click "this is the old phone", then choose to allow the WLAN function, this is because the old phone in the scanning of the new phone's QR code, need to link to the new phone hotspot.

4. Old mobile phone scan the QR code of the new phone, the new phone interface will show "connected to the old phone", then do not have to worry about the new phone. At this point, the old mobile phone will start to calculate the migration data amount, and wait for the completion of data calculation. After the completion of calculation, the final migration data amount and the time required for migration will be displayed. Click the start migration button after the statistics is completed.

5. After clicking "start migration" on the old mobile phone, the new user will be prompted to turn off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, and the data migration will be officially started after it is allowed. There is no need to do any operation during this period, just wait for the prompt to complete. (PS: turn off Bluetooth to avoid interference.)


HUAWEI mobile phone clone this APP is indeed a magic tool for mobile phone data migration. It can let you in the process of replacement, no longer but the heart cannot find the data, at the same time it also help you save a lot of copy data of time, still can help you directly copy the old cell phone Settings, system Settings and software from your replacement after all software need to worry, to set the system to help you directly one pace reaches the designated position, to do the replacement easy, it’s easy.


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