How to troubleshoot Ulefone Future 4G Phablet

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Troubleshoot all Ulefone Future phablet problems, including screen display, camera, fingerprint scanner, GPS, speaker, network connection, boot, battery charging / consumption, heated phone, NFC, etc. Here we have complied a handy FAQ to solve these problems.

Ulefone Future common issues

When the phone is getting hot, the screen will change color, and sometimes the number recognition buttons stop working.

There might be something wrong with the screen. Contact the aftersales service to arrange a product return and repair or replace the screen in a local phone repair store.

● Examine the battery to see whether it is loose, if yes, pad a piece of paper cushioning behind the battery, thus solving the problem of poor contact between the battery and the phone's mainboard.

● Connect the phone with original charger, and press the power button for 30s to activate the battery. Then check it if the phone can boot after charging for half an hour.

Change another effective USB cable or appropriate power charger. Check it if the phone can boot after charging for half an hour.

● It may result from the incompatible apps downloaded on the phone. So restore the factory settings.

(a). When the phone is powered off, hold the power button and the volume up button together to boot into the phone's Recovery mode.

(b). Choose "double wipe" or "double W", i.e. wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition.

(c). Then reboot the system by clicking "reboot system now".

(d). Warning: back up your personal data before the factory reset, as everything will be wiped during the process.

● Should the above solutions be ineffective, there may be an underlying hardware fault. Please contact our aftersales service to arrange a product return and factory repair.

● Maybe you have set something on your phone. Try to power off and reboot the phone or restore Ulefone Future to its default factory settings (this will wipe everything).

● If you have set nothing, change other wallpapers to see if the problem has fixed.

● Once the issue persists, the display's flexible flat cable may either be faulty or loose. This is a relatively minor issue, just take the phone to your local mobile repair store. Or contact our aftersales staff for technical assistance.

● First of all, make sure you have turned on the flash lamp function and the flash lamp is normal.

● Then, adjust the shutter speed, and set the focus mode to continuous in "Camera - Additional settings - Focus modes - Continuous".

● Make sure the screen is bright enough and your fingertip fully covers the sensor.

● Unlock your Ulefone Future with password first, and register your fingerprint again to check whether the scanner is effective.

● Please ensure the fingertip is dry and clean to allow the reader to scan it correctly. Because the touch ID sensor recognized by the static electricity and heat on your fingers. For best results, the scan should be conducted in a normal temperature environment.

● Register more fingers, and try to unlock using different fingers; one of the original scans might be unclear.

● If the above situations do not resolve the issue, try to reset your phone in Settings - Additional settings - Backup & Reset - Factory data reset. Please remember to back up important data first.

● If none of these solutions work, it points to a potential component issue, e.g. broken sensor. You can go to a local repair store to fix the phone or contact our aftersales service to arrange a product return and factory repair.

Ulefone Future fingerprint scanner does not work

● Please make sure you are in an open area outside under good weather. Use the GPS in a more open area outside with clear sky visibility. Being inside vehicles or buildings may interfere with the GPS signal. When you first use the GPS function, try to obtain a signal while static, before using it while in motion. If this is the first time you have used your phone's GPS, it may take a little longer to locate a satellite, please be patient.

● Make sure whether your phone has GPS activated in "Settings - Location - Mode - High accuracy". Turn on the function and grant access to any GPS location requests, this should allow you to use GPS normally.

● Examine whether the GPS module is normal by using GPS Plus/Z-Device Test app, which can be downloaded from Google.

● If the GPS is abnormal, then the GPS module may be faulty. Please contact the aftersales service for further assistance.

● Check if your phone is in the mute state. If so, turn up the volume.

● If adjusting the volume is even not effective, there may be a speaker fault. Contact the aftersales service to arrange a professional repair or go to a local repair shop.

● If you are using a new card, make sure whether your phone has opened 4G cellular data. If so, the cellular data network can be used normally.

● Remove the SIM card from your phone to another phone to find out if the card faulty. Please consult the local mobile business hall, then dial the SIM card operator to reset number signal.

● Make sure your phone's network frequency is compatible with both the local overlay network and the SIM card's carrier network, otherwise your phone will not receive the network signal.

● Maybe you locate in a signal blind area or there is interference equipment around, so move to other places where there is good signal and no interference.

● Power off and reboot to have a try if the above ways do not work. Perhaps the network signal is not smooth at that moment (a temporary network fault).

● If the method is still invalid, restore to the factory settings by pressing the power button and volume up button simultaneously.

● Once all above solutions are useless, the most possible reason should be the hardware problem, like the mainboard, antenna, network module, etc. It is advised to have a post-sales service for a repair.

● The phone battery might be completely drained. Try connecting the phone to the original charger that came supplied with the phone, then charge the device for at least 10 minutes and try to boot again.

● Connect and charge the phone using its original charger. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to force a boot.

● Alternatively, restore the phone to the factory default settings. While powering off, long press the power button and the volume up button together to boot into Recovery mode. Navigate to the "Restore to the factory settings" option with the volume up and down buttons, select the option with the power button.

● To rule out the possibility of defective peripherals, change to another USB cable and/or power charger. Charge the phone for half an hour and then try to boot the phone.

● If none of the solutions not work, the most likely cause of the boot issue is the USB connector, mainboard, or the battery. Contact the aftersales service to arrange a product return and repair or take the phone to a local phone repair store.

When the phone battery drains fast, for example, its power decreases from 70% down to 13% after using for 10 minutes or plunges to 55% in 10 minutes after full charge. The solutions are as follows:

● Maybe the display shows a virtual current. You can check if the situation is the same when charging at its power off state.

● The battery has not been activated. Discharge the battery and let the phone auto power off. Then full charge the battery. If the issue still persists, repeat this operation for twice.

● Something wrong with the system power display. Just try to reboot the device.

● If all the above the solutions are ineffective, there may be a battery or circuit fault. Take your phone to a local phone fixing store for a check and repair. Or contact our aftersales service to arrange a product return and factory repair.

● The effective electricity that charges into the battery only occupies half of the total amount because the other half part is transforming as heat energy. It's a common physical reaction.

● Try to connect and charge your phone using its original charger and USB cable.

● Once the phone is fully charged, but you don't pull it out from the charger, all the electric power will all transform to heat energy, sure the phone will become hot.

● If you are playing the phone or opening many background apps when charging it, the phone CPU will work at a high speed, which also creates and releases abundant heat. So avoid using the phone as far as possible when it's charging.

● The most terrible situation is that the battery is damaged or aged. When the heat is extremely high and expanded, please stop charging it immediately and leave it away! Wait until it cools down and take it to a local phone fixing store to check and exchange the battery.

● Have you opened many background apps or do you play the phone like playing an online game and watching a video while charging? If so and the temperature is below 122°F (50°C), then this is the normal phenomenon.

● If your Ulefone Future is extremely hot in standby mode, the most possible reason is the quality issue. Contact our aftersales service for further technical assistance.

Note: do not use your phone further in case that it gets very hot.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and works like Bluetooth, but at a much shorter range. It's used primary for sharing files or pairing with other NFC-enabled devices. Compared to Bluetooth, it does however provide more security: there is no need to pair with compatible devices or go through any kind of setup first. Unfortunately, the Ulefone Future does not support the NFC function.

Final words:

We hope this guide has helped you get the most out of your Ulefone Future 4G phablet. If you have encountered other issues not covered in the guide, feel free to contact our Support Center to submit a help ticket.