How To Update Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Robot Cleaner Firmware

ByHenry Wang 2019-05-20 16794

Xiaomi sweep robot is a smart device, so often need to upgrade has achieved the best use of the effect, the following small series to teach you to upgrade the method, for your reference!

Follow these steps to easily upgrade the firmware:

1. Start the Mi Home app, go to the home page and click on your sweep robot.

2. Go to the sweep control interface, the system detects the firmware update, click Upgrade.

3. The system began to network to detect the firmware version.

4. System Management firmware version validation was successful.

5. The system began to download firmware, the experience of the small series is that mobile phones and robots are best made easier to succeed under the same WiFi.

6. The firmware download is successful, the robot will be installed automatically, this process is relatively long, the installation is complete will be voice prompts.

7. Be aware that the LEDs blink continuously during the upgrade process.


1. Please keep the power connection during the upgrade process.

2. If the APP is stuck during the upgrade process, try updating the firmware again using an older version of the APP.

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