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How to upgrade Xiaomi portable mouse?

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-22 2964

How to solve Xiaomi portable mouse wheel bearing, jitter problem? In order to facilitate the majority of small partners to update the mouse firmware, the Android version of the updated app software has come out.

 Xiaomi portable mouse 

Tip: this launch of app only supports android system for self-upgrading, please know that!

1. Download app software

① Download the attachment named MToolBox-V1.0_Build104.apk, and install it

Download the attachment named MToolBox-V1.0_Build104.apk

② Turn on Bluetooth on your phone or tablet (this is an important step! It's important! It's important!)

2. Upgrade step

① Open the app, to enter the interface. Click the upper right corner option, and select check for updates.

Upgrade step 1

② The upper end of the interface shows that the DFU is ready, indicating that the upgrade firmware has been selected.

Upgrade step 2

③ Mouse in upgrade state (sink plugged into computer USB, if previously inserted, hold state. If not inserted from this step, insert receiver into computer USB mouth)

④ Click select device and select device named DfuTarg

Upgrade step 4

⑤ Click the upgrade button to wait for the update progress

Upgrade step 5

⑥ Mouse firmware upgraded successfully

Upgrade step 6

The second part of the book:

Once the upgrade is complete, the mouse should be as close as possible to the mouse receiver inserted in the mouth of the computer's USB, so that it can be paired automatically. Mouse match success can be used! Shaking the mouse during pairing, the desktop cursor reacts and the match is successful. If the mouse does not match successfully for a long time, please switch the mouse power again.

Using Bluetooth mode of children's shoes, upgrade after the completion of the need to reconnect with the computer oh, if not, please refer to https://www.gearbest.com/blog/new-gear/xiaomi-mi-mouse-bluetooth-wifi-mouse-936 , wish you a happy life!


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