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How to use a USB barcode scanner

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In retailing stores or supermarkets, it is efficient and convenient to use a barcode scanner. This scanner allows you to automatically transfer information about the product to your computer system so that you can keep track of income, place orders for new inventory and take note of sales trends.

Some scanners are compatible with USB and you can just plug them into the USB port of your computer to make the full use of them. This article tells basic procedure of using a USB barcode scanner.

Here are the basic steps:

Step 1: Software installation

Install the software that comes with your USB barcode scanner onto your computer first. For some computers, they may automatically install the drivers required to operate this new piece of hardware.

Step 2: Connection

Plug the USB barcode scanner into the corresponding USB port and wait for a few seconds or minutes until the system has recognized it. Reboot the computer if necessary to get the device working properly.

Step 3: Programming

Program your USB scanner—the process depends on the scanner model, but you will most likely have to scan a series of barcodes on the printed device user manual in a certain order to get the scanner working properly for your other items.

The scanner acts as sort of a keyboard input device, reading the information from the barcode and typing it into a blank field on your program, such as database program Microsoft Access or word processing program Microsoft Word.

Step 3: Scanning

Load the program of your choice (database or word processing) where you want to enter the barcode information. Scan your first item with the device: place the red light directly over the middle of the barcode.

And then wait for the information including product name, UPC or ISBN number, price, and publisher or manufacturer data, to display.


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