How to use an electronic cigarette?

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Every smoker is different in his way of smoking (the cigarette itself has nothing technical) and the big advantage of the electronic cigarette is that you can modify quite a few parameters, but you have to know them or get advice, which is much easier.

How to smoke your electronic cigarette?

While taking a puff of a cigarette usually takes a second or less, an electronic cigarette requires you to inhale for longer. It is a pleasure to meet you, I remind you.


The first thing that marked me when I started the electronic cigarette was the feeling of the flavors by exhaling the steam and we quickly realize that during long puffs, these flavors are amplified.


The pleasure of testing fragrances that you are not used to feeling in steam is very pleasant. I invite you to start the electronic cigarette with as many flavors as possible.


So we inhale quite slowly and regularly. It is not necessary to put as much force into the suction as a conventional cigarette.


To increase this sensation of flavour, you can trigger your electronic cigarette a little before the real aspiration (a small second). Some even suck several times on the same trigger before sending the steam down the throat. It's up to you to find what suits you.


This suction is of course conditioned by the size of the hole where the air enters. This is one of the first criteria that you may want to change, it is the airflow setting. Many electronic cigarettes have a setting on this airflow.

I vaporize all the time....

If you have to take your time when inhaling, it may also be wise to get used to spacing the puffs slightly but taking them more regularly. Nicotine in electronic cigarettes has no additives and its effect is slower. This is one of the most disturbing things at the beginning of the electronic cigarette, it will be necessary to change its rhythm.


Basically if you vaporize quickly with a high level of nicotine, when the effect occurs you will be saturated (heartburn, nausea). You will have to stop vaporizing for a while and when the urge comes back, it will be too late to react, hence the urge for a quick acting cigarette.


The idea is not to deprive yourself, with a nicotine level adapted to allow you to live more continuously, hence the importance of the nicotine dosage.


As I was saying, we can act on many parameters on an electronic cigarette, the goal being to no longer touch a single classic cigarette.

You will see that it is possible to act as well:

● On the hit, that throat-clearing during inhalation so dear to smokers. The nicotine level participates in it, as does propylene glycol, which is one of the main components of e-liquids.


● On the temperature of the steam by choosing an appropriate equipment.


● On the density and quantity of steam by favouring certain liquids


Last remark: Can the electronic cigarette make you cough? Yes, it's not alarming, remember your debut with a cigarette!


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