How to use Fangtai dishwasher [detailed explanation]

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With the development of science and technology, all kinds of household appliances are becoming more and more complete. Most of us hate washing dishes, especially those with greasy and stained dishes, which are even more difficult to wash, giving housewives a headache. In order to solve this problem, dishwashers came out, housewives only need to cook, no longer need to worry about washing dishes, which is much more convenient. There are many dishwasher brands on the market. Let's take a look at the dishwasher below. How does Mrs. Fang use the dishwasher?

The working principle of Fangtai dishwasher  

The Fangtai sink dishwasher works by removing agricultural products from the surface of fruits and vegetables through four ultrasonic transducers specially used to clean fruits and vegetables. in the process of operation, it can produce hundreds of millions of cavitations in the water. When these bubbles touch the surface of fruits and vegetables, they will burst and take away the pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables at the same time. Different from brine soaking, the single ultrasonic or ozone sterilization technology of the fruit and vegetable purifier, the Fangtai sink dishwasher is more efficient to remove pesticide residues, but also avoids the secondary pollution of fruits and vegetables by chemicals, which is more reassuring than chemical means.

How to use Fangtai dishwasher

1, first open the upper flip, the dishes, cups and spoons to be washed are reasonably placed on the built-in independent dish rack.

2, add the right amount of dishwashing powder, put in one and a half tablespoons (about 8g), then close the lid.

3, turn on the switch and turn on the Fangtai sink dishwasher; at this time, there are soft, standard and enhanced three washing modes to choose from, we can switch freely according to the greasy and difficult degree of the dishes, usually in the default standard mode, one-button cleaning, only 26 minutes to complete cleaning.

4, after cleaning, open the lid, wait a moment, wait for the cutlery to cool, avoid hot cutlery, and then take out the dishes.

5, after cleaning, take out the internal basket that collects food residue, rinse clean, and put it back.

How much is the Fangtai sink dishwasher

Fangtai JBSD2T-Q3, size: 433mm 435mm, reference price: about 6399 yuan.

Fangtai JBSD2T-X3, size: 419mm 338mm 790mm, reference price: about 6799 yuan.

Fangtai JBSD2T-X4, size: 450mm 850mm 580mm, reference price: about 5099 yuan.

Fangtai JBSD2T-X9, size: 420mm 435mm, reference price: about 6399 yuan.

Fangtai JBSD2T-C1, size: 425mm 435mm, reference price: about 7299 yuan.

Note: the above prices come from the network, for reference only! & nbsp;  & nbsp;

Where do you put the dishwashing powder in Fangtai dishwasher

In order to ensure the cleanliness of the dishes, the dishwasher must use a special detergent, such as dishwashing powder, which is specially manufactured according to the structure and working principle of the dishwasher and can effectively remove oil dirt and food residue from the surface of the dishwasher. It is strictly forbidden to use ordinary hand-washed detergent because it has too much foam and it is difficult to rinse the dishwasher with less water. If the foam overflows, the door body of the dishwasher will not open. And foam seeps into the body and damages electrical components.

Dishwashing powder should be added according to the degree of dirt of the dishes. If there are more stains on the dishes, add more dishwashing powder and vice versa. Consumers can add it according to the product manual or the amount recommended by the manufacturer on the dishwashing powder bag.

The above is about How about the dishwasher,  I hope it will be helpful to all of you!

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