How to use humidifier correctly in summer?

ByBella Evans 2019-06-11 896

Autumn and winter season, humidifier became the best partner of heater. But in summer, humidifiers are also the perfect companion for air conditioning. In this article, learn about how to use humidifier correctly in summer.

In summer, users who like to leave the air conditioner on all night tend to have dry mouths and sore throats in the morning. This is because the cooling process is accompanied by dehumidification.

In order to improve the humidity in the air-conditioned room, people will choose to continue to rely on the humidifier. However, many people reported uncomfortable throat after using the humidifier, and even developed the symptoms of humidified pneumonia.

Humidifiers add moisture to the air, which can benefit people with respiratory symptoms or dry skin. But if you have a wrong usage about humidifier, there are no advantages but disadvantages.

In summer, the temperature is high, the humidifier internal long-term flooding is easy to breed bacteria, plus the cleaning is not timely, put in a poor position and other problems, air humidity rises at the same time, harmful bacteria to the body is also increasing.

So how to use a humidifier to increase the humidity in an air-conditioned room while avoiding the problem of humidifying pneumonia?

1.Using pure, clean water

Ensure the use of clean water, pure water, avoid the use of long-term static container, the remaining water for a long time, at the same time do not use distilled water, avoid affecting the humidifier components operation.

Unfiltered tap water can contain higher levels of minerals and other particles than purified or distilled water. Minerals from hard tap water can build up in the machine, causing it to wear down faster than expected. Then, the humidifier can push these minerals into the air, and a person may inhale them. The particles may also settle around the room as dust.

2.Clean the humidifier regularly to avoid bacteria breeding

General humidifier needs to be cleaned more frequently, basically every 1-2 days should be cleaned.

The humidifier with built-in UVGI ultraviolet sterilization module can sterilize the water droplets before atomization, reducing the possibility of bacteria entering the air duct. The water-involved parts are also made of materials that prevent bacteria from adhering to them, so the possibility of bacteria breeding is reduced. They can be cleaned once a week.

3.Avoid excessive humidification

Many people think that they need to turn on the maximum gear of the humidifier when they turn on the air conditioner, some humidity in the air can be a good thing, but excessive levels can make breathing difficult and some allergy symptoms worse.

The user needs to adjust the humidifier gear to the air humidity.

Humidifiers can benefit people with skin issues or respiratory problems who live in areas with low humidity, but please take care for a correct usage!

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