How to use Mi Drop APP to send files without internet

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In this post, we explain how to send files without Internet connection from your mobile to anyone else with the Mi Drop APP.

Mi Drop

Talking about Xiaomi and talking about MIUI is almost the same, at least if we focus on mobiles. It is true that the graphic layer of the Chinese company takes some time without great aesthetic changes but it is also true that it incorporates very useful functions.

In recent months the company has taken the policy of releasing in the Google Play Store some of its applications so that they can use all the users of mobile Android, and not only those who have one of the models that they use.

One of these applications is Mi Drop, an app that allows us to send files between two phones without having to have Internet and without using the slow Bluetooth. It is pre-installed on mobiles with version MIUI 7 and above and now we can put it on any device with this operating system.

Mi Drop: easy to use

This application has an extremely simple interface and when we install it we will simply have to select if we want to receive or send a file. In one we will send and in the terminal where we want to receive it only accept that shipment.

how to use Mi Drop 

On the left side we have the element manager received if we want to do some action with them.

It allows to send photographs, videos, text files and even applications, taking the one that we want from the list of installed applications. This creates a Wifi connection between the two chosen phones.

As we have explained does not use Bluetooth or data, so we do not have to fear that it is slow or we will spend our monthly fee. You also have to comment that if we have a large file and the transfer is cut we can resume later, without having to start again.


In a time when we all have applications like WhatsApp maybe this Mi Drop seems meaningless but it is not a bad idea to have an application of this type especially if we use it between two specific mobiles in a recurrent way.


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