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How to use Mi remote for controlling your device?

ByMatthieu Andre 2019-03-22 33120

Forgot where you put your remote control? Mi featured a smart controller APP which intends to control your global appliances. Without having the need to use multiple remote controls for clicking, your experience will be improved for living comfortably. If you downloaded Google Play or Mi APP on your phone, your control level will increase and be secured by IR. Before describing Mi Remote APP, let's have a close look on Peel Mi Remote.

Mi Remote 


1. What are the functions of Mi Remote APP?

Available on Google Play Store and Mi APP for free, Mi Remote APP is purpose to offer users an integral control of their appliances by having the maximum of divestment.


1. Controllable from your phone's IR blaster, it cans remote instantly major appliances by offering multiple choices either outdoor or indoor.


2. Largely used for home, Mi Remote APP brings an immersive degree of control over their home media networks and an excellent flexibility without having the need to have multiple remote controls. Useful and convenient, Mi users can use Mi Remote APP for different occasions as shown above.

2. What devices support Mi Remote APP?

Controllable from your phone, MI Remote APP support mostly all global electric appliances manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, LG, etc. The detection of your appliance will be instantly after you carefully selected it in the list of manufacturer.


Mi remote is perfect fit for controlling your multi appliances such as TV, air-conditioner, set top box, DVD player, projector, A/V receiver, camera, etc. It can create a warm atmosphere in your home by choosing easily your device. Because Mi Remote APP includes a specific ergonomic interface, you will be able to add and control your appliances in different places as shown above.

IR remote 

3. How to add a new device to Mi Remote?

Its IR blaster can control your home appliances by using Mi Remote APP. Updated periodically, Mi Remote features an interface by which you can add or select your favorite equipment’s and places. The pairing of your device will be infrared until it detects your device's name through a list of manufacturer.  


As it require to use your phone for controlling your home appliances, your control level will be simplify and save you time by adding multiple devices. From this aspect, if you want to add a new device in Mi Remote APP, please follow steps below:

Step 1.  Open Mi Remote APP.

Open Mi Remote APP

Step 2. Tap Add Remote Option and select category of the device.

Add Remote Option 

Step 3.  Search your Device's name in the list of manufacturer.

Search your Device's name 

Step 4. Execute Test until your device respond with Mi Remote APP.

Step 5. Tap Yes under "Does the device respond".

Tap Yes  

Step 6.  Rename your Remote and add a shortcut to control it.

In some measures, Mi Remote APP can also set your device automatically when you are for example at office or enter any other locations. From this way, you will be able to fully control your device from your phone and put it in lock screen mode. Nevertheless, if you are not sure about the device or having some difficulties to control your Remote APP, please check our FAQ below.

4. Frequently asked questions about Mi Remote?

Specifically tailored to customers, those common questions will help you to overcome your issues related to your Mi Remote APP. By outlining clear and brief solutions on each case, your way of use will change through this question list.

1. Can I use Mi Remote app in non-Xiaomi devices?

Yes, Mi Remote APP support global electric appliances manufacturers equipped with an IR blaster port. For example, Sony, LG or Panasonic equipment's can be controlled through Mi Remote APP.  

2. Why my device is not listed in Mi Remote?

Mi Remote APP is upgraded automatically with a new list of manufacturer. If you can't find your device on your APP, you can either contact Mi Customer Service to notify your product or patiently wait until your device is registered.  

3. Why I cannot control my device with Mi Remote?

Mi remote works on infrared technology to detect your device. But some devices working on RF may not be able to work with Mi Remote APP. Due to this fact, check if your device is compatible here.

5. Related App: What is Peel Mi Remote?

Peel Mi Remote is a TV extension for Xiaomi Mi Remote Application. By being a universal remote available on Google Play Store, Peel Mi change the way of watching TV by including extended features, smart show recommendations and TV guide listings. Not only limited, you should able to browse through TV live and streaming service listings, customize your preferences once you fully set up your TV box. In order to have a full understanding of how you can remote your program, that is requiring focusing on functions of Mi Remote APP as explained above.

Peel Mi Remote 

The Verdict

Remote Mi APP is a smart controller compatible with a large range of electrical appliances. By adding your device to your Remote Mi APP, your control level will be extended to other locations. After you downloaded the APP via Google Store or Mi APP, your functions will vary and change your way of use. For example, Peel Mi Remote offers you a unique experience for controlling your TV guide listings from your phone.


Easy to use and convenient, Mi Remote APP offer you a complete flexibility and optimization for living smart. Nevertheless, if you have some difficulties to set up with your Mi APP, you can check the FAQ describing device's list.


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