How to use the mobile as a WiFi router to share the Internet?

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Sometimes, for reasons of travel or technical problems, we can stay without WiFi connection to work with our computer. Fortunately, mobile networks are independent of this, so we can use our smartphone and use it as a WiFi router.

It doesn't matter if our phone is Android or iPhone or if we are Mac or PC users, because in any case we can use the smartphone as if it were a router. Next we are going to explain in detail how we can use our mobile phone as a WiFi router to share the Internet.

Using iPhone as a WiFi router with Mac and PC

We started with two devices from the same family. To be able to use the mobile data of our iPhone on a Mac computer the first thing we will have to do is go to the Mobile Settings and select the option 'share Internet'. Once inside, slide the tab to activate the option and it will be time to decide how we want to connect.

Using iPhone as a WiFi router with Mac and PC 

We can do it through bluetooh, USB or WiFi, and this first option is the one we will choose. Once we have activated the Internet sharing option, we will go to the WiFi network icon located in the top right bar of our Mac. We deploy, and our phone will appear with the name that we have registered as a network. Then, as when we connect to any WiFi network, we will have to enter an access password, which appears in the phone's own 'Share Internet' menu.

If instead of Mac, we are PC users the procedure is exactly the same as we just saw. You can also search for your iPhone connection by clicking on the WiFi icon in the top right-hand bar or through Settings > WiFi > Show available networks.

Using Android phone as a WiFi router with Mac and PC

In the case of the situation is reversed and our phone is Android the procedure is as follows for the two types of computers. We will enter the settings of our phone and click on the option 'More'. Once here we will go to 'Share Internet and Wi-Fi zone' and we will activate the option 'Create Wi-Fi access point'.

Using Android phone as a WiFi router with Mac and PC 

In the same way that with iPhone, we will look for our device among the available networks and we will introduce the password. To know or change the password of our WiFi access point click on 'Configure WiFi zone' and here, click on the box 'Show password' to view and enter it.


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