How to use your balance scooter?

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You are likely to have seen these cool toys that have become extremely popular with celebrities and common people alike - the self-balancing scooter - before owning one too, learn how to use it!

Step 1: Press the power button to turn on the balance scooter.

Step 2: Place one foot gently on a pad to activate the device’s automatic self-balancing system. Step up onto the balance scooter, transferring the weight onto the devices as smoothly as possible.

Step 3: After balancing your center of gravity, the balance scooter will level out and remain stationary. Lean forward to make the device travel forward, lean backward to reverse, and put your weight on one side to execute a turn.

how balance scooter work

NOTE: If you attempt to step onto the balance scooter while the two sides are not balanced, a warning alarm may alert you.

Step 4: On-the-spot turns may be executed by shifting one foot forward and the other one backward. Try this after you have grown comfortable with operating the balance scooter.

Step 5: To get off, decelerate until the device is stationary, then step off quickly to the rear with one foot, then the other.

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