Huami AMAZFIT Bip smart watch frequently asked question(FAQ)

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What should i do if can't log on to Mi Fit APP? How to detect ECG heart rate by Amazfit Bip? Why the heart rate shown by Mi Fit App inconsistent with the heart rate shown by long-press band measurements? This post will teach you how to slove the common problems in using Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip smart watch.


What should i do if can't log on to Mi Fit APP?

1.Please check that the account password is correct;

2.Please switch the network in the mobile phone-settings, (switch wifi to 3/4G network);

3.Empty the application cache data (Xiaomi mobile phone as an example: setting-applications-more- Bluetooth share-delete data. ) ;

4.Restart the phone.


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Is there any radiation in the Huami AMAZFIT Bip smart band

The Huami AMAZFIT Bip health bracelet uses low-power Bluetooth technology, the radiation of the product is much lower than the Bluetooth headset, less than 1/1000 of the signal intensity of the mobile phone. After more than a decade of research and census, the World Health Organization has not found that Bluetooth signal will have any impact on the human body, please rest assured to use it.


Does Bluetooth need to be turned on all the time?

Synchronous refresh data, SMS application call reminder, record running track, screen unlock, upgrade firmware and other functions require mobile phone Bluetooth to open the connection bracelet. If you do not use these features of the phone Bluetooth can be turned off, after turning off does not affect the bracelet recording steps, sleep, cardiovascular health index measurement, HRV measurement, alarm clock and other functions.


How to take apart the wrist strap of AMAZFIT Bip?

Find the clasp at the 2-end interface on the back of the wristband (bottom of the main body), press the clasp with your thumb, and push the wristband toward the front of the bracelet with your thumb and forefinger, and the bracelet can be removed.

Can I charge my AMAZFIT Bip smart band before I run out of electricity?

Yes, you can, It is recommended that the charge should be charged at a low power level.

Can the AMAZFIT Bip smart bracelet be recharged with a mobile power supply?

No, you can’t. 

Note: as the mobile power supply of the main object of the mobile phone, its charging current is about 1A, when the mobile phone is full of electricity, enter the trickle charging state, the charging current will become very small, then part of the mobile power supply will turn off charging, in order to save electricity. The charging current of the bracelet is a small current of the 50mA, which will make part of the mobile power supply mistakenly think that the phone is already full, thus turning off the charge. Except for mobile power supplies that support bracelet charging.


How to detect ECG heart rate?

Press the touch area at the bottom of the OLED screen for about 5 seconds and the bracelet will automatically enter the detection state. During the test, the heart rate measured at this time will be displayed on the bracelet screen, a set of heart rate data will be displayed on a continuous basis, and the value of the HRV will be displayed when completed.

What factors affect the results of (PPG) monitoring of heart rate throughout the day?

Non-standard wearing patterns can affect the measurement of heart rate signals, such as light leakage caused by incomplete fit, slight movement of the bracelet on the skin, and so on. Too tight bracelet, arm elevation and fist clenching can affect blood circulation. It may also affect the heart rate signal.

Note: when wearing correctly, individual differences such as skin color, hair, tattoos and scars may also affect heart rate monitoring.

Why the heart rate shown by Mi Fit App inconsistent with the heart rate shown by long-press band measurements?

1.The heart rate displayed in App is measured by PPG sensor, while PPG sensor collects a set of heart rate data in one minute, removes the abnormal heart rate from this group of data, and then takes the average value and uploads it synchronously to App for display.

2.The touch area measurement of the long-press bracelet is measured by the ECG sensor is a single heart rate value, so there will be some differences.


Why my application message not notified?

1. Open the Mi Fit, to ensure that the application of the reminder in the APP notification reminder is checked.

2. Check whether the bracelet do not disturb mode(DND mode) is turned on;

3. Make sure that the application message pops up in the mobile phone notification bar;

4. Add the Mi Fit to the self-startup and background lock application background (some mobile phones are called cleaning memory whitelist);

5. Find the right to use the notification in the mobile phone settings and click under the switch;

6.Restart the mobile phone, turn on the Mi Fit and see if the handheld ring has a reminder.


Why the deep sleep time is longer, but the the quality of my sleep becomes worse?

The smart band objectively reflects the sleep quality by monitoring the sleep regularity, the sleep duration, the proportion of deep sleep, the number and time of waking up at night, and so on. Therefore, the data of deep sleep time is only a single data comparison, and the sleep quality is judged by considering all kinds of factors.

Can patients who with pacemakers using the AMAZFIT Bip smart band?


Explanation: ECG detection itself does not need to artificially load current to the body, it is just a passive detection device.


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