Huawei FreeBuds 2 Bluetooth cannot be found or pair? I have 5 tips!

BySheridan Hurwit 2019-07-07 14251

As a new era of five good men, in the wife's birthday to give his wife an adult Huawei FreeBuds2. But not long after, the headphones appeared Bluetooth can not be found, can not be connected to the situation. The wife was so angry that he ordered me to take care of it at once. Although I do not understand, but my brother Ah Liang is a super enthusiast in this area ah, non-stop to go to Ah Liang home for help. After explaining the situation to him, Ah Liang told me the five best ways to deal with this kind of problem, "test", "charge", "wipe", "recover" and "rise", according to the operation, immediately done.Now to share with you, I hope that the little partner who has encountered a similar situation can make a big display of his skills, ha.Cut the crap and get on with the trick: 

1. "Test" electricity

first open the cover to see if the power LED on the outside of the charging box is on, and then take out the ears and put them into the charging box, each time you put in a headset to see if the LED in the box is on. That is to say, the outer light of the box is on, the charging box has electricity, the light inside the box is bright, the headphone has electricity, the light indicates normal, and the red light indicates that the electricity is low. If the power is normal, put the headphones into the box, open the cover and press the function key for charging until the white light flashes continuously into the pairing state, the mobile phone turns on Bluetooth search pairing. 

Huawei FreeBuds 2

2. "charge"

If the first test shows that the LED in the box is not on or the red light is on (indicating that the headset has no power or low power), recharge it in the box and reopen the cover when the green light is on. As above, press the function key for 2 seconds to enter the pairing state when the white light flashes continuously, and the mobile phone turns on Bluetooth search pairing.

Huawei FreeBuds 2

3. "wipe" headset tail contact

if the above two measures are not enough, check to see if the earphone and charging box contacts are dirty, if the contact point has sweat grease and so on will form an insulating layer, resulting in the box can not identify pairing and charging. What should I do in such a situation? It's easy to find a cotton swab or glasses cloth dipped in alcohol to wipe the two points charged on the tail of the headset (red circle logo), remember to wipe off the contacts on the headset box by the way, and then put it in alone to see if the light in the box is on. If on, put the two headphones in the charging box and open the lid of the box, press the function key for 2 seconds until the white light flashes continuously into the pairing state, and the mobile phone turns on Bluetooth to search for pairing.

Huawei FreeBuds 2

4. "complex" bit

if not, reset the headset. Put the two headphones into the charging box and open the lid of the box, press the function key for more than 16s until the four lights outside the charging box flicker and let go, complete the restart, open the cover and press the function key for 2 seconds until the white light continuously flashes into the pairing state. The phone turns on Bluetooth search pairing.

5. "upgrade" version

upgrading the version of the headset to the latest version. You can download the Freebuds2 APP, installation from Huawei App Store and enter the upgrade main interface. Click check for updates to upgrade the headset version. After the upgrade is successful, match as above. In addition, I heard that the current Mate20 series, P20 series and Mate 10 series of mobile phones, you can check in the Bluetooth settings whether the headphone firmware is upgraded to the latest version, friends can also try it.

Huawei FreeBuds 2

My headphones are solved by the third move. I don't know what kind of solution my friends are using. If you think it works, give me a like it.I also hope that Huawei's' engineers' will continue to optimize and bring us a better experience.

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