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Huawei Honor watch: instructions for pairing and connecting

ByNiki Jones 2018-12-27 21970

I believe that smart watch has become a little assistant to many people's work and life, perfect pairing is the first step you open intelligent sports life! However, in the process of pairing, not all people can "smooth sailing". what if the pair fails? Don't worry, take Honor watch as an example, sorted out the following operation guide, teach you how to solve the Honor watch pairing and connecting problem!

Huawei Honor watch 

Pairing for the first time to use

Step 1. Download the latest version of Huawei Health app on Google Play.

Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.

Step 3.Press and hold the watch crown (side button) to start up, and make sure that the watch shows the pairing interface (the interface showing Honor watch-xxx).

Step 4. Open the Huawei Health app - add devices and pay attention to selecting the correct Bluetooth name of the watch.

Bluetooth pairing your watch with phone  


1. Huawei Wear app does not support pairing with Honor watch. Please download Huawei Health app for pairing;  

2. Pay attention to supported mobile phone systems: Android 4.4 and above version, iOS9.0 and above;

3. During the pairing process,the pairing confirmation information pop up by the watch and Huawei Health app, please pay attention to confirm in time;

4. Huawei Health app must be sure to open the location permission, when pairing watches in the Huawei Health app, if you are prompted to obtain mobile phone location permission, please authorize and agree.Some mobile phones cannot pop up prompts due to compatibility problems. Please consult the customer service of mobile phone brands to open the unknown permission of Health app in the mobile phone system.

5. When the watch is turned on for the first time, the Bluetooth name of the watch is displayed below the two-dimensional code on the screen. It will be used in the pairing process,please not to check.

6. The watch does not support pairing directly in the Bluetooth system of the mobile phone, so it is normal for android phones not to display the watch name in the Bluetooth list (HUAWEI EMUI8.1 and above systems will display the watch name in the list of paired devices after pairing).

After replacing a phone to reconnect your watch

Step 1. Make sure the watch and the original mobile phone are connected by Bluetooth, open the Health app to unpair the watch, if the Bluetooth list of the mobile phone system is displayed.

● Ways to unpair the watch from Android phone:

(1) Unpairing in App

Open the Health app on your Android phone, tap “Me”-tap the connected devices on “My devices”- tap “ Remove pairing”at the bottom of the pop-up box.

(2) Check the Bluetooth menu of the mobile phone system. If the device is displayed in the paired list, please "cancel pairing".

● Ways to unpair the watch from iOS phone:

On the device list of Health app, left slip to delete the binding.Then on the Bluetooth list of the phone, tap “ the connected watch” to ignore the paired watch.

Step 2. Open the Health App on the new phone and reconnect to the watch.


(1) After unbinding, if the watch is still paired in the Bluetooth list of the original mobile phone system, be sure to ignore this device (especially for iOS phone).

(2) Before pairing with the new phone, the Bluetooth of the watch should be in the disconnected or unpaired state.


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