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HUAWEI P20 series mobile phones FAQ

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-13 2708

HUAWEI P20 series phones have powerful photo taking function. This article briefly introduces some common problems of HUAWEI P20 series phones.

HUAWEI P20 series mobile

Q1. The screen resolution of P20/P20 Pro phone is relatively low.

A1: the screen resolution of P20 and P20 Pro phones is FHD+.

At present, when using FHD+ on mobile phone screen, the human eye will not obviously feel the obvious graininess of the screen, which can ensure the delicate sense of display to meet the requirements of use.

Q2. Is P20 mobile phone waterproof?

A2r: the waterproof grade of EML mobile phone is IPX3, which is an international standard. It can deal with the sweat in daily life and the scene of short and light rain.

However, it is impossible to protect your phone from being damaged by water. If your phone falls into a basin or sink, it may become damaged.

Q3. Why the screen and rear shell side vibrate greatly when P20/P20 PRO is on the phone or when P20 PRO is calling?

A3: hello, HUAWEI attaches great importance to user experience. Vibration of mobile phone shell is a normal phenomenon when the handset sounds. Our vibration intensity is in line with the requirements of the industry. The maximum volume of the handset of P20 series is relatively high. If you feel uncomfortable with vibration, you can reduce the volume of the handset appropriately.

Q4. Is the P20/P20 Pro/Porsche Design HUAWEI Mate RS full screen?

A4: full-screen phone is a common concept in the industry. P20/P20 Pro/Porsche Design HUAWEI Mate RS phones are full-screen phones with narrow frame and high screen proportion.

In the industry's full screen, screen proportion is very close, will not bring obvious differences in the display, please experience the actual display effect of the real machine.

Q5. Part of the P20/P20 Pro/Porsche Design HUAWEI Mate RS phone is yellow/the bottom is dark

A5: all colors displayed by HUAWEI products are strictly tested before they leave the factory, and color and brightness fluctuations are controlled. This kind of phenomenon belongs to material normal phenomenon, without functional problem.

You can set > to display > color temperature, adjust your favorite hue, or change other color themes by clicking "set >".

Q6. Why sometimes the P20/P20 Pro/Porsche Design HUAWEI Mate RS phone suddenly darkens and flashes?

A6: the human eye is very sensitive to brightness and can distinguish changes as small as one photon. According to weber's rule, the minimum change in brightness that the human eye can perceive is about 2 percent of the current brightness. Therefore, HUAWEI optimized dimming strategy in OLED screen automatic brightness mode to avoid the flickering of light and dark caused by most scenes.

However, in some specific scenarios, such as turning off the lights, long distance street lamps, etc., the adjustment of screen brightness can still let you feel the change, which is a normal phenomenon, not abnormal device function. If you are not comfortable with this change, you can turn off automatic brightness adjustment.

Q7. Hold the P20/P20 PRO phone or use the receiver to listen to messages when the receiver is low or the voice of the receiver is up and down (up and down)

A7: if you find that the handset is quiet in use, move the phone a little bit (move the left hand forward a little, move the right hand backward a little) to see if the problem is improved.


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