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HUAWEI Watch GT Troubleshooting Guide: Fitness and Health

ByJoe Horner 2019-07-29 19957

The HUAWEI Watch GT is a lightweight and fashionable smartwatch with long battery life. It is designed to help you learn more about your health and provide professional workout guidance, and includes useful features such as workout monitoring, message notifications, heart rate monitoring, and GPS. While using the HUAWEI Watch GT you may face some troubles about it, here is a specific guide for you.


What is resting heart rate? Why does my resting heart rate display "- -"?

The resting heart displayed on your watch is your measured heart rate when you are awake and not moving around or exercising. Your watch will measure your heart rate in the morning right after you wake up (before you get out of bed) or when you are not moving to determine your resting heart rate.

If resting heart rate displays "- -", this may be because your watch has not had the opportunity to measure your resting heart rate yet.

●It is recommended that you wear your watch when sleeping to obtain a more accurate resting heart rate measurement.

●Ensure that you have enabled Continuous heart rate measurement in the device details page of the Huawei Health app.


Why isn't my VO2Max available after an exercise ends?

The VO2Max value of your watch must meet 2.4 kilometers in 20 minutes. If this value is not satisfied, the VO2Max will not be available.

VO2Max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen consumed per kilogram of body weight per minute when the human body performs maximum exercise intensity (unit: ml/kg/min), it is also an important indicator reflecting the body's aerobic capacity, and can be used to assess the potential of an athlete's endurance.

The VO2Max algorithm of your watch is based on firstbeat's training standards, and can be calculated during Outdoor Run, Outdoor Walk, and Running courses.

Why is the step count between the Huawei Health app and my watch inconsistent?

The Huawei Health app will intelligently integrate the number of steps detected by your mobile phone with that of your watch. If you connect multiple wearable devices on the same day, the app will also integrate the steps of multiple devices. For this reason, the step count data on the Huawei Health app may appear inconsistent with that on your watch.


Why does the heart rate indicator on the back of my watch turn on even when I'm not wearing the watch?

Before your watch measures your heart rate it will first detect whether you are wearing the watch. If it determines that it is currently being worn, it will proceed to measure your heart rate. If not, it will not measure your heart rate.

●If you have enabled Workout mode, your watch will keep monitoring your heart rate for 10 minutes after you take off your watch. After 10 minutes, your watch will automatically exit Workout mode and the heart rate indicator will turn off.

●When your watch is not in Workout mode, your watch will also measure your heart rate intermittently during the day. If you take off your watch during a measurement, the measurement will immediately end.

●Due to the way the sensor in your watch is designed, if you take off your watch and place it on certain surfaces (such as on top of a mirror) or place it in such a way that an object comes close to the back surface of the watch, your watch may incorrectly assume that it is being worn and perform heart rate measurements.


What factors affect the accuracy of the step count?

●The step count is too low.

Your watch has been greatly optimized based on the large sum of sample data that Huawei company collected and analyzed. It is designed not to generate erroneous data when you are not exercising (for example, when you are sitting, moving your arms, eating, or brushing your teeth). Therefore, it may report a lower step count compared to other products.

●The step count is too high.

We move quite a lot in our daily lives aside from exercising. In this case, if your arms or body move or shake irregularly for long periods of time, your watch may mistake the movements as steps and increase the step count.

●Steps are not recorded.

Your watch increases the time needed to detect steps in case that irregular movements of your arms are mistaken for steps. This improves the step count accuracy. The first few steps you take will not be presented immediately until after your consistent movements are accurately recognized. In this case, if you only take a few steps, the step counts will not be recorded.

●Step counts generate differently on watch and phone.

Both your watch and phone record steps data using the built-in A+G sensor that measures the accelerated velocity on different directions. However, as phones are normally placed in a pocket or bag, they focus more on the changing accelerated velocity vertically. Tests have shown that your watch provides accurate step data as it measures the movements of your arms, incorporating changes in gravitational in X, Y and Z axis directions. Theoretically, this movement detection method is more scientific and accurate.

HUAWEI Watch GT ​ 

For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased HUAWEI Watch GT smartwatch from us and still have problem after reading this post, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.

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