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Are you a perfectionist? Hate to see defects on your precious phone? We understand just how it easy for phones to get scratched these days.
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Fortunately, we've put together a list of 7 practical ways to quickly and easily remove phone scratches to keep it looking factory fresh.

how to remove phone scratches


Prevention is better than cure

As the old adage goes, preventing the problem from occurring is the best approach. The most simple and effective way to avoid scratches is to use a good quality phone screen protector. Apply it carefully to your phone screen, ensuring there are no air bubbles – this simple and affordable step will protect your screen from drops, scrapes, scratches, cracks, and other damage.

good quality phone screen protector

Practical tips to remove phone screen scratches

Note: Before cleaning, make sure your phone is powered off, remove the battery (if you can) and seal the ports of your phone with tape to prevent liquid damage.

1. Clean with toothpaste (for Plastic Screens)

Don't look so surprised! Toothpaste can fix plastic scratches the same way it cleans your teeth with its abrasive ingredients. Just use a dab of ordinary toothpaste on the cotton cloth and apply it to the scratched areas. Be sure to rub it gently and you'll notice the scratch coming off. Afterward, just use a damp cloth to remove the toothpaste residue from the screen.

Clean screen scratches with toothpaste

2. Clean with baking soda/baby powder

Dilute baking soda/baby powder in water using a 2:1 ratio to form a thick, consistent paste. Apply some paste to a piece of cotton and rub it along the screen surface gently. Wipe off the residue with a damp cloth and enjoy your new scratch free phone.

Clean screen scratches with baking soda

3. Clean with car scratch removal products

Many of the car scratch removal products on the market, such as 3M Scratch or Turtle Wax, are just as effective in getting rid of the scratches that accumulate on a phone screenas well. Just apply a small amount of wax to a soft cloth and then dab it across the affected screen area.

Clean screen scratches with car scratch removal products

4. Clean using plant oil

For the smaller, seemingly hidden scratches, plant oil is said to work well as a temporary solution. One drop of plant oil applied directly to scratches can be a quick and effective cosmetic fix.

Clean screen scratches using plant oil

5. Clean with body lotion

A skincare product typically moisturizes your skin, lotion can be a great way to get rid of your scratches. Dry a piece of wet tissue and smear some body lotion onto it, then carefully scrub the scratches until they disappear.

Clean screen scratches with body lotion

6. Clean with sandpaper

Sandpaper can be used to remove marginal scratches that are visible on your phone. Warning: You must be extremely careful while cleaning in case you damage your screen. Use the smallest sized sandpaper and gently wipe the scratches. As soon as the scratches have disappeared, stop wiping immediately to avoid the risk of adding further scratches.

Clean screen scratches with sandpaper

7. Clean with glass polish (for Glass Screens)

If your phone has a glass screen, then cerium oxide polish is recommended. You cannot miss this method! Mix 100g of cerium oxide powder with water until it creates a slurry, making sure the paste is sufficiently diluted to soak into an applicator. Dab a smooth polishing cloth (we recommend a microfiber cloth) into your cerium oxide mix, and gently rub at the scratched area, remembering to check the condition of the scratches every 30 seconds or so. Repeat the process until the scratches have gone.

Clean screen scratches with glass polish

Wrap up

No matter which of the above methods you choose to remove phone scratches, it's always more prudent, safer and cost-effective to protect your phone carefully with a screen protector and/or case. Finally, be sure to never store your phone together with hard objects such as keys, knives, coins, or other sharp metal objects.

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