iPhone or smartphone wet? Here's what you NEED to do FAST

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Keep calm and read this guide. That's the first thing to do. Luckily, if your phone has not been submerged underwater for a long time, there are some things you can do to possibly save yourself a lot of money.

smartphone gets wet

Steps to take when your phone gets wet

1. Make sure the phone is off or that you turn off the phone. Most phones die because they short circuit – water and electricity don’t mix.

2. Take out the battery quickly if you have a phone that gives you access to it. For the iPhone, you can only turn it off.

3. Remove the SIM card if you can access that, especially if you have important data saved on it – but you can always get a SIM card replaced anyway. You may need to insert a paper clip to pry open the tray.

Remove the SIM card of smartphone

4. Remove all cases or covers or anything else attached or covering the phone. You want it to be bare to start the process of getting all the water out.

How to dry your wet smartphone

One of the first mistakes many people make is to shake the phone. That just allows the water to find its way to dry parts of your phone – DO NOT SHAKE IT!

1. Now you want to get a dry cloth and slowly and gently wipe your phone.

2. Try your best to keep the phone flat and horizontal to stop water moving around inside.

3. If you are able to open the battery compartment, go ahead and wipe the inside.

4. If you have an iPhone or device that cannot be opened at all, you’ll have to wipe the outside and then try a method listed below.

Drying Techniques

Hair Dryer

Your phone should still be off and you should not turn it back. Another common mistake is using a hair dryer incorrectly.

do not use Hair Dryer to dry wet smartphone

Moisture can actually be pushed further inside the phone. And if you use the hotter settings, it can actually melt the components inside – so do it correctly!

Fans and Blowers

Obviously, using air in some form is not bad. What you can do is put your phone in front of a fan or in front of a heater where the air is warm but not hot.

If you have a space heater that can blow air, prop up your phone on something and let it sit in front of the blast for a few hours at least.

You can use a hair dryer, but it should be at the warm setting and also should be a decent distance away from the phone. As long as the warm air is just blowing over the phone, it’s not a problem.

Wrap up

We hope that this guide helps at the right time. Nobody wants to lose their precious phone, especially if it drowns!


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