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"Kill" projector image distortion

ByGB Blog Official 2016-10-22 7119

When we use a projector, we may often encounter the annoying problem of image distortion. Then how to fix it?

What is Keystone Correction?

The best way to fix image distortion is the Keystone Correction. So what is Keystone Correction? Projector lenses are made to shoot an image above the actual projector. This enables an audience to see the image without the projector itself getting in the line of sight.


If projector lenses were not made with "fixed keystone correction", the projector's image would land both on and off of the screen. When a projector is not set perfectly perpendicular to the screen, it will cause image distortion. (As in Pic. 1 and Pic. 2)



The resulting trapezoidal distorted image is called "keystone", or keystone problem. Keystone correction is the ability of most projectors to shoot upwards, which makes tilting the projector upward less necessary. Digital keystone correction is a function that most, if not all, projectors have that enables the user to digitally correct keystone problems. (As in Pic. 3 and Pic. 4)



Through keystone correction, the projector re-sizes the image so that it will appear square again as shown in Pic. 5. This image manipulation is called vertical keystone correction. Vertical keystone correction works also if you need to tilt your projector downward instead of upward.



While all projectors now have vertical keystone correction, horizontal keystone correction is much less common.


Horizontal keystone correction is needed when the front face of the projector cannot be placed parallel to the screen surface. Horizontal keystone correction will adjust the image as shown in Pic. 6.



Actually we strongly recommend to avoid digital keystone correction. Because it is a function of the projector's scaler, it can and will produce an image with slight visual distortions and artifacts. So if you want a high quality display of your image, just be careful when using keystone correction function.



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