Master Windows | 3 ways to shut down Windows 10 FAST

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If you upgraded from Win 7 (or another OS) to Win 10, you will notice that the Start button has evolved back into a Windows-logo button similar to the old Vista days.

There are three different ways to help you shut down Windows 10 quickly. In this guide, we feature all of them.

Option 1: Shut down Windows 10 in the "Start Menu"

The standard way is to open the "Start Menu", click the "Power" button, then select "Shut down" Windows 10.

close Windows 10 in start menu

Option 2: Choose "Shut down" to close Windows 10

Use the Shortcut keys to shut down Windows 10.

1. Press "Alt + F4" keys together to bring up a pop-up. Then, click on the drop-down box and select "Shut down".

choose shut down option to close the computer

2. After selecting Shut down, click "Yes" and your laptop will shut down.

Option 3: Use "Shut down or sign out" to turn off the computer

Right-click the Start button.

You'll see a lengthy pop-up shortcut menu. Choose "Shut down or sign out" near the bottom, mouse over that option, then click "Shut down".

turn off Windows 10 through shut down or sign out

Aside from these 3 methods, there are other ways to shut down Windows 10 quickly, however these 3 ways are the most simple and convenient.

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