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Master your robot vacuum cleaner's schedule mode easily

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The secret to using your robot cleaner is the schedule mode. Learn how to get the very most out of this powerful feature in our guide.

How to use robot cleaner's schedule mode

Free your hand from sweeping all the day, just follow the 3 steps below to master your vacuum cleaner in schedule mode.

robot cleaner

Step 1: Wake the robot

    ● Aim the remote toward the robot.

    ● Press the CLEAN button to wake the robot when it is in sleeping mode.

    ● You will hear 1 beep tone.

Step 2: Set the schedule

    ● Keep the remote aimed toward the robot.

    ● Set the scheduled time on the remote.

    ● This is the time you want your robot to begin cleaning.

Step 3: Activate the schedule

    ● Press the PLAN button on the remote to save your schedule program.

    ● You will hear 1 beep tone if you have successfully completed the operation.

Note: Make sure the remote is close to the robot, or you will not be able to successfully use the scheduling feature. After using the schedule setting feature, ensure the robot is always powered on.

If you want to cancel the scheduled time, adjust the time to 00:00. 

Activate the schedule mode

Possible issues

There are potential problems that may arise when setting the schedule mode.

1. Why can the scheduling function set a start time but not an end time?

The schedule function determines the total cleaning time. The robot will return to the charging dock when cleaning is completed, or when the battery is close to running out of power.

If it is necessary to end a cleaning cycle before it has completed, press the CLEAN button on the remote control.

2. Does the robot plan a cleaning route?

These type of products randomly set the cleaning route based on the environment and obstacles. It is therefore not possible to plan the cleaning route.

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