MD81 mini web camera fixing guide

ByZim Watson 2017-07-06 20001

Find solutions to the MD 81 mini web camera's WIFI problem, booting and noise issues.

MD81 mini web camera

 The WIFI connection always breaking.
 The MD81 mini camera won't connect to WIFI.
 The MD81 mini camera won't turn on.
 There is noise in the recorded videos.


The WIFI connection always breaking.

The most probable reason for this is poor network connection. Try the following:

● Make sure the camera's charged. If the battery is low, charge it for some time using the original charger. Make sure the device you are connecting to the camera (cell phone, iPad, tablet, etc.) has enough battery power as well.

Move the camera closer to the WIFI router with fewer obstacles to ensure a stronger and better WIFI network.

● If you connect the camera to a phone to watch the recording live, turn on the phone's 4G network to provide a better internet connection. And make sure the camera's WIFI signal is also strong.

If the problem is not related to a poor WIFI signal or bad internet connection, there is probably something wrong with the camera's hardware. Contact the after-sales service for more help.

The MD81 mini camera won't connect to WIFI.

● Make sure the WIFI password you input is correct.

If the password is correct, but the connection still fails, connect your phone to the WIFI signal to check whether the WIFI is working. If not, the problem is with the WIFI signal or the router. Try resetting the WIFI router and reconnecting.

However, if the WIFI is working fine, but the camera still won't connect, there is probably something wrong with the camera itself. Try resetting it by pressing the reset button. Remember to remove the Micro SD card  before the reset - otherwise , you're risking losing your data.

MD81 mini web camera reset button

● If the reset doesn't help, the camera's hardware is probably damaged. Contact the after-sales service for further help.

The MD81 mini camera won't turn on.

The battery may have run out. Charge the camera for some time and try to turn in back on.

● If the indicator light doesn't go on, it means that the USB power cable or the charger is broken. Try using another cable or charger. If the indicator light still won't come on, the problem is probably with the battery. Contact the after-sales service for battery replacement.

If the indicator light does turn on, but you still can't turn on the camera, this is most probably a hardware problem. Contact the after-sales service for help.

There is noise in the recorded videos.

● Current noises are completely normal when if you've recorded the video while the camera is connected to a power source. Avoid charging the camera while recording.

Another reason could be low battery. Make sure the camera is charged before recording.

● If the above does not help resolve the issue, a related component might be damaged. Contact the after-sales for suggestions.

If you have lost the MD81 mini camera's user manual, you can download the digital version MD81 mini camera user manual for our Gearbest blog.

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