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Mi Band 2 Guide | Effortlessly connect it to your phone

ByZim Watson 2017-02-16 63818

Meet troubles in Mi band 2 & phone connection/pairing? Usually, it's because of an inappropriate connection operation. But don't worry, it's totally an easy case to solve! Now let me show you how to pair/connect Mi band 2 with smartphone by easy 3 steps.

The Mi band 2 is a phenomenal bestseller, not only because of its cheap price, but more importantly due to its impressive set of smart features: pedometer, heart rate detection, sleep monitor, calorie record, etc. Though it's designed to be a fully-functioning smart gear to promote your health, lots of users actually don't know how to use it to its full potential. The first problem for them? How to bind the Mi band 2 to their smartphone. In fact, it's really quite straightforward, so let's see how to pair a Mi band 2 with smartphone step by step.

connect Mi band 2 with phone

Step 1: Download the Mi Fit App.

Android phone users can search for "Mi Fit" in any Android App market, while Xiaomi users can search it in Xiaomi App market, and iOS users can obtain this app from the Apple store. Alternatively, just scan the QR code on the user manual to download it onto your phone. 

Mi Fit QR code

► Download and install it on your phone. (We use the iPhone 7 as the example here.) 

download Mi Fit app

Step 2: Create a Mi account and sign in.

► Tap the App icon on your phone to launch it. Here, an app data access confirmation will pop up. Tap "Allow" and choose which data you want to allow the app to use in the next interface.

install Mi Fit and connect band 2

► Following this, the App User Agreement and Privacy Policy will appear, just tap "Agree" to confirm it. (You can optionally choose to Enroll in the User Experience Program or not.) 

Mi Fit user aggrement

► Tap "Sign in" on the following screen. Now, if you already have a Mi account, just directly enter your account login and password details to sign in; otherwise you will need to create a Mi account.

sign in Mi Fit

► Simply click "Create Mi Account" at the bottom of the interface. Choose your phone number locale then input your phone number and set an appropriate password according to the rule. After that, click "Create Account" to complete this procedure. 

Create Mi Account

► If it's your first time signing in on the Mi Fit, the system will prompt you to complete some personal information, i.e. Nickname, Date of Birth, Gender, Height, Weight, Activity goals, etc. Complete these fields to build your profile.

After this, the app will prompt you to open the phone's Bluetooth and pair with the Mi band 2. 

Step 3: Pair the Mi Fit with Mi band 2.

► Drag the shortcut menu from the top or bottom (Android is from the top, while it's from the bottom on iOS). Tap the Bluetooth icon to active this feature and then slide the menu back. 

► Enter the App's "Profile" interface, under the "My devices" section, tap the "Add device" option. A device category list will show up, choose "Band" from it, to automatically commence the search for the band. (Make sure your Mi band 2 has enough power.)

► Once your Mi band 2 has been detected by the application, your phone screen will prompt you to press the band. The band will also vibrate twice and display an image on its screen, guiding you to tap the band's button. Simply tap it to complete the pairing process. 

► After your phone and band have successfully paired, the band's detail information will be listed on your phone. The Mi band 2 will also be listed under "My devices" now.

That's all there is to it, folks! The whole pairing operation is done! Pretty easy, right? Now you can start using your Mi band 2 and enjoy a smarter, healthier life.

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