Mi Band 2 Guide | Fix firmware update & installation issues

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You want to update Mi band 2 but failed? Something wrong with your Mi band 2 firmware update? Want to install applications on Mi band 2? Answers and solutions are here for you!

In previous blog posts, our guides covered handy fixes for common Mi band 2 battery charging and screen display related problems. Now it's the turn of Mi band 2 firmware update and application installations. Here, we'll list the most frequent issues reported by users and provide reliable answers and solutions to solve them. Let's start!

update Mi Band 2

Under normal conditions, the Mi Band 2 will update its firmware automatically when it's connected to the phone via the Mi Fit App. You can try the following steps:

► Check whether your phone has internet access. (Either connect your phone to the internet via WiFi, or use your phone's cellular data.)

► Turn off your phone's Bluetooth and turn it back on again. Reconnect your Mi band 2 to the Mi Fit App on your phone if were paired before.

► The Mi Fit App should automatically receive the band's firmware update notification and update it. The notification will also appear on the band's screen as well.

If there is either no update notification or the band still cannot be updated, try uninstalling the Mi Fit App from your phone before reinstalling it. This should fix the problem.

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► Simply uninstall the Mi Fit application from your smartphone and then download and reinstall it again.

► Launch the application and check whether the issue has been resolved.

► If the problem persists, this suggests the possibility of a band hardware, firmware, or OS problem. Contact the aftersales service for further technical assistance.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The Mi band 2 doesn't support the ability to install other language packages. Only the pre-installed languages which already exist on the device can be used.

No, this is not possible. The Mi band 2 does not possess its own distinct OS so other applications cannot be installed or ran on the smart device, apart from the factory-installed programs, such as the time display, pedometer, heart rate detection, incoming call/message notification, alarm, band alerts, idle alert, etc.

Mi band 2 APP QR codeThe official Mi band 2 phone pairing application by Xiaomi is called Mi Fit.

In fact, all of Xiaomi's sports/health related products – including the smart band, watch, scale and shoes – can only be connected with your phone using their proprietary application.

You can download it from Mi App market, any Android application market, or the Apple store depending on your phone's OS. Alternatively, simply scan the below QR code to download it.

The Mi Fit application only supports Android and iOS – for the latter, there is also a version requirement. The latest version of the Mi Fit app has the following OS requirements:

Android: Android 4.3 and up

iOS: iOS 8 or later

Install Mi Fit App

If the new OS version update is available on your phone, you can update it.

Only if your phone OS matches the minimum requirements and your phone's Bluetooth version is at least Bluetooth 4.0 can the Mi Fit application be installed on your device without any issues.

Do these answers help you to fix your firmware and installation problems? We hope that this page has been useful for you. But, in the unlikely event that your Mi band 2 firmware update or application installation issue is still causing issues, contact the dedicated aftersales service as a last resort. Please do not disassemble the device yourself, as this will void the warranty and potentially cause serious damage to the hardware.

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