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Mi Mover: transfer any data from old phone to Xiaomi device

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If you want to move contacts, messages, photos, music, video and other data or files from your old phone to a new smart device, Mi Mover app and Mi Drop App can help you. These two phone file transfer tools are powerful, they will save much time for you.


Xiaomi is an internationally famous smartphone manufacturer. And even though since its rise to fame the company has produced a variety of other gadgets: smart home appliances, audio gadgets, fitness bands and more — smartphones remain the company's number one category.

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In 2016, Xiaomi launched the Mi Mover app meant to significantly ease up the process of transferring data from your old phone onto the new Xiaomi smartphone. In this post, we take a closer look at the app itself, its capabilities, what it is used for and the actual process of transferring data to a Xiaomi phone.

Mi Mover helps transfer any data from old phone to Xiaomi device

The new app supports the transfer of all sorts of data: contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, installed apps, and more. You can easily pair the app with another smartphone by simply scanning the QR code.


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Why use the Xiaomi Mi Mover app?

One of the main benefits of using the app over other ways of transferring data to a new phone (like, for example, restoring data from the cloud) is that you can do it much faster.


The app supports the connection speed of up to 6MB/s and the whole process of moving files is quite straightforward and simple.When you begin the transfer, your new Xiaomi smartphone will temporarily become a Wi-Fi hotspot to enable an efficient data transfer.


The second major advantage of using the app is your data's safety: the two devices will be connected directly and your private information will not be exposed to any third party cloud storages, apps or devices. You can get the Mi Mover app.


Now, let's go through the actual process of using the Mi Mover app to transfer files from your old phone to a Xiaomi phone.

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How to transfer data to Xiaomi smartphone with Mi Mover?

Step 1. First, you will need to download the Mi Mover app onto your old phone and the new Xiaomi device.


Step 2. Open the Mi Mover app on both the sending and the receiving devices.


Step 3. In the app on the sending device, tap on I'm a sender. Then, on your Xiaomi receiving device tap on I'm a receiver.


Step 4. On the sending device, scan the QR code that has appeared on the screen.


Step 5. Now, select the apps and other information that you would like to move to the new phone. When ready, tap on Send.


Step 6. Wait until the whole process has finished (the time needed, naturally, depends on how much data you have to transfer). When it's done and you don't have any more information to transfer, tap on Finish. That's it! Your data has been successfully transferred to your new Xiaomi smartphone.


There you have it. The Xiaomi Mi Mover app is an efficient way to get all you old data into a new smartphone. And, most importantly, you can do that quickly, safely, cable-free and without going through complicated instructions.


Related Xiaomi phone date and file transfer tool

Here we will talk about new Xiaomi phone date and file tranfer tool:Mi Drop, an ad-free P2P file transfer tool that works without connecting to the internet. It is more powerful than Mi mover, we think you'll like it.


Mi Drop App


Main feature about Mi Drop

Support all Android devices

Share files without internet or mobile data usage

Send and receive all types of files

200 times faster than Bluetooth, the highest speed goes up to 50M/s

Share files in 1 tap, without complicated step


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