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MiFone L58 smartwatch | what you need to know before buying the watch

ByZim Watson 2017-06-02 1745

Information is power. Make sure you know all there is to know about the MiFone L58 Smartwatch before buying it. Or, if you've already bought your MiFone L58, have your key questions answered.

MiFone L58 smartwatch

First, pair the watch with your smartphone via the official app - the date & time on the watch will automatically sync with the date & time on the phone. Later on, if you need to change the time on the watch, simply change it on your phone.

The time format for MiFone L58 is 12 H.

It doesn't show the caller's phone number, but it can present the caller's name.

No, the watch screen doesn't show the message contents. When you receive a message, the watch will vibrate, and a message icon will indicate that you have an incoming message - but with no further detail.

No, you can't. The MiFone L58 smartwatch supports to receiving incoming calls and message notifications, but it doesn't support direct calling or messaging.

No, you can't. The MiFone L58 smartwatch does not come with its own operating system (like Android or iOS) - so you won't be able to download any additional apps onto the watch. You can only use the official app to connect the watch to your phone.

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