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My robot vacuum cleaner gets lost

ByGB Blog Official 2018-07-03 5865

When your robot is running out of power, it tries to go back to the charging base. Sometimes the cleaner can't quite make it all the way back and sometimes it may get lost or can’t find it. Try the following steps to make it find its way home.

1) Place the charging base against a wall, near an electrical outlet. Make sure the robot can "see" it from various places in the room: don't put it behind or under the furniture, long and narrow hallway, closed-off areas. Avoid putting it under constant direct sunlight. If you have thick carpeting, check that the charging base isn't tilted as this can interfere with docking.

2) Place the base in an open area and far away from high-power electrical appliances. The maximum detection distance is 2 meters in front and 1 meter at sides.

detection distance of robot cleaner

3) Keep the charging dock and charging electrodes clean.

4) Reboot the cleaner and try a few more times.

If the problem persists, please contact our after-sale service.

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