Newbie troubleshooting guide: balance scooter FAQs

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If your balance scooter can't not be used normally, just have a look at this balance scooter FAQ list which can help you deal with the problems and save your time.

balance scooter FAQ

Q: Which side should I take as front side?

A: Both sides are suitable, you can choose the one you prefer.

Q: What can I do when the scooter is not balanced?

A: You need to adjust the balance system according to the user manual.

Q: Why is there no response when pressing the power button?

A: Open the housing case to check the connection wire, re-plug the connection wire and restart the balance scooter.

Q: My balance scooter runs well, but why does the LED lights not shine?

A: The LED lights are broken, you will be sent new ones.

Q: Why is there a crack noise when riding on it?

A: Add lubricating oil on the axle.

Q: Why the balance scooter cannot be charged?

A: Make sure the charging port is correct and check the wire connection, try a new power adapter if necessary.

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