No. 9 balancing vehicle let you enjoy lanterns indoors

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The tail of No.9 balancing car has an inductive LED rainbow light set with 16 million colors to customize. My first impression for it is good-looking. The lighting naturally reflects to the ground, as if stepping on the spotlight toward the stage. Safety is the original purpose, and the beauty is unexpected!

No.9 balancing car 

You can customize it as you like, and the method is very simple. Open the APP of Ninebot and click on the driver light setting after connecting the car. Then you can set the car light! The headlamp is ambient brightness induction LED, which is changed according to the ambient brightness. The switch of the brake lamp is responsible for the self-sensing LED taillight/turn signal and atmosphere light.

At the same time, there are a lot of modes, like this one, called full color bisection, where all the lights come together in the middle, and then they come out in a variety of different ways. It is really nice.

full color bisection

And these lights can be evolved, there are many beautiful names, such as this is called double dragon play ball. Is it not very interesting!

Not only does it have dazzling lighting, it's like a car lighting system! Yellow turn light can indicate the direction when turning, and red brake light is on when decelerating! Have you been touched by this thoughtful design?

Yellow turn light

The cool lighting is just like the beautiful music, it can be like the passion of rock and roll, and it can be like the lyric of the old song. So slow down, light show also carried on the climax!

Finally, adjustable and settable pages! Enter the last "trampoline" dazzle light! In monochrome breathing mode or monochrome meteor mode, you can freely choose the color you like, 16 million colors as you wish, life should be so colorful.

the last  


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