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NO.1 D5+ 3G Smartwatch Phone troubleshooting

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Your NO.1 D5+ smartwatch phone has GPS failure? Blue screen and messy code show up? Heart rate measurement fails? Or battery power consumes fast? Here are the handy solutions for these issues you may encounter!

The NO.1 D5+ Smart Watch Phone adheres to the classic round dial watch design, however look deeper and you'll discover why it's so popular with our discerning customers. Running Android 5.1 OS under the hood, it also features powerful 3G connectivity with Quad Core CPU, 1GB RAM and an impressive 8GB storage. This power is matched only by its premium design: forged from high quality 316L stainless steel and paired with a sleek Italian sheepskin durable strap, affordable style has never been easier. However, a number of customers have reported occasional problems during their day-to-day use. Fear not, we've prepared a comprehensive troubleshooting guide packed with practical solutions to these problems.

NO.1 D5+ Smart Watch Phone troubleshooting guide

● Make sure whether your watch has GPS activated in "Settings - Location - Mode - High accuracy". If there is no "High accuracy location" or "Use GPS to determine your location" option available, then the device lacks a GPS module. The smartwatch phone will only be able to use GPS via WiFi and cellular networks.

● Restart the "High accuracy location" function, and grant access to any GPS location requests, this should allow you to use GPS normally. If no requests have appeared, try restarting the GPS or rebooting the device.

● If the GPS has activated, but no GPS lock has been acquired, try moving to a more open area outdoors with less obstacles. Weather, specifically cloud cover, can also affect the GPS signal.

● If none of the above issues resolve the GPS issue, it may be a hardware problem. Just contact our aftersales service to arrange a return and repair.

Generally, this is caused by some kind of system problem. You can try either of these solutions:

● Flash the system firmware ROM, click here to download the latest version.

● If a firmware update does not fix the display problem, your smartwatch phone may require a professional repair. Contact our aftersales service for further technical assistance.

NO.1 D5+ Smart Watch Phone heart rate

● This prompt appears when you have not worn your watch properly, preventing the watch from measuring your heart rate. Please make the watch is making full, consistent contact with your wrist.

● Check if the heart rate sensor light is on. If it's not, the heart rate sensor is not working correctly. Either go to a local repair store to fix the sensor or contact our aftersales service to arrange a product return and factory repair.

How long a battery lasts primarily depends on how the device is used. Specifically, if you use most of the phone's functions and keep Bluetooth open all the time, then the increased power draw will drain the battery very fast even after a full charge. Similarly, if the screen is always on, power consumption will be greater.

● Close all running apps when charging, to avoid the memory effect.

● To minimize excessive battery drain, shut off background apps and functions that are rarely use - only launch them when needed.

● Activate the battery "power saving mode" or "balanced mode" under "Settings - Power saving".

NO.1 D5+ Smart Watch Phone power saving mode

● If these steps do not help to prolong the battery life, the battery itself may be damaged. Please contact the aftersales support center for advice.

The short answer: yes, but it’s not easy. The NO.1 D5+ smartwatch phone requires a professional tool to remove the band as there is a compact antenna inside the watch band itself. If you wish to remove and replace the band, we strongly suggest using a nearby repair shop to prevent causing any hardware damage.

replace NO.1 D5+ smartwatch band

No, it doesn't. The watch only supports single-touch.

I hope this post has been useful in getting the most out of your NO.1 D5+ 3G smartwatch phone. If you require further technical assistance about an issue that we did not cover, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated GearBest Support Center. Our support staff will be happy to deal with your query as soon as possible.

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