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Operation guide of Xiaomi Mi band 3 NFC version,How to connect cards to mi band 3?

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-26 10697

Xiaomi Mi band 3 NFC version has been released for some time. Do you want to know how to use traffic cards (only in parts of China cities) and how to simulate access cards?

Xiaomi Mi band 3 NFC

How to add a traffic card?

● Open the Xiaomi Mi Fit App (You can search "Mi Fit" on Google play store or App store to download it).

● Enter MY- Xiaomi Mi band 3 NFC page.

● Click on the bus card and open it according to the card guide.

● Enter MY-Xiaomi Mi fit App again, and you can see the open bus card.

How to add an access card?

● Open the Xiaomi Mi fit App.

● Enter MY- Lab Functions.

● According to the operation, put the access card on the Xiaomi Mi band 3 to detect the success.

● To edit and modify work cards or access cards.

● Enter MY-Xiaomi Mi fit App- access card simulation again.

Note: The access card simulation is a laboratory function. Currently, it supports access card that are unencrypted and have a frequency of 13.56MHz. The follow-up will continue to improve and support more access cards.

The simulation of the access card belongs to the laboratory function. Xiaomi have collected some feedback from the users. And tweak the technology, which will be optimized in subsequent releases to achieve better use and user experience. And people are more concerned about traffic cards.


In addition to the first cities supported by the Xiaomi Mi band 3 NFC, engineers are conducting road testing and adaptation in more cities throughout the country. It will take some time, and please understand that.


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