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Ourtime X01S Smartwatch Phone troubleshooting guide

ByGB Blog Official 2017-03-12 5294

Ourtime X01S has something wrong with connection? The battery cannot be charged? GPS is inaccurate? Other problems relevant to Ourtime X01S’s apps, all here will be resolved for you.

The Ourtime X01S Smart Watch Phone boasts a myriad of functions that go far beyond standard timekeeping, including the ability to browse the web, make and receive phone calls, connect via Bluetooth, utilize GPS, and even capture photos in high quality. But while it's a powerhouse, you may occasionally experience some issues with the X01S Smart Watch Phone during day-to-day use. We've listed some of the more frequently asked questions about the Ourtime X01S Smart Watch along with practical solutions. Read on to find out more!

Ourtime X01S Smart Watch Phone common problems

Connectivity Issues: Computer/Bluetooth Problems

While the Ourtime X01S can be connected to a computer, this is only for the purpose of charging the device – it cannot sync and transfer data.

● Check whether the smart watch battery is fully charged, since low power may cause Bluetooth connection failure.

● Make sure you don’t interrupt the Bluetooth connection by using Bluetooth with other devices, e.g. headsets, keyboards, or speakers, or other actions such as transferring documents – these can increase the likelihood of disconnecting your smart device.

● The maximum Bluetooth transmission range is 30 feet (10 meters) with obstacles able to affect and disrupt the signal strength. Ensure that your phone and watch phone are within this range with as few obstacles as possible.

● If you have already connected the Ourtime X01S to a mobile phone but wish to pair with another, please remove the Bluetooth connection from the previous phone first.

● If the smartwatch is still unable to connect via Bluetooth, there may be a problem with the actual hardware. Please contact our aftersales service and arrange a product return for a factory repair.

GPS Issues: Weak signal / inaccurate positioning

● Choose a different location mode in "Settings - LocationLocation mode".

Ourtime X01S GPS signal is weak

● Change to a different map app and see if this improves the strength of the GPS signal.

● Use the GPS in a more open area outside with clear sky visibility. Being inside vehicles or buildings may interfere with the GPS signal. When you first use the GPS function, try to obtain a signal while static, before using it while in motion.

This problem is typically caused by the map app on your smart watch, so you can try changing to another map app and see if the accuracy improves.

Watchband Queries: Antenna/material/length

Yes, there is a compact antenna inside the watch band. Unfortunately, it's not possible to change the leather strap of the watch.

The smart watch uses a proprietary leather watch, making it classier. It looks durable and premium but stiff.

The length extends from 6.3 to 7.9 inches (or 16 to 20cm).

Other Queries: WiFi/apps/interface

● Make sure the charger is securely connected to the power outlet. Power off the watch and then power it back on to check if the watch is charging normally.

● If the watch is still not charging correctly, there may be a hardware fault. Please contact the aftersales support center for technical assistance.

802.11 a/b/g/n. Specifically it uses 2100MHz WCDMA (on 3G network).

● The Ourtime X01S runs on the Android 5.1 OS with Google Play Store pre-installed. There is a vast number of apps available for download.

● In terms of application compatibility, it is not simply possible for the supplier to test the watch with every possible app. However, the core (native) functions that are fully supported include: messaging, phone, contacts, settings, downloads, email, gallery, camera, file manager, Gmail, Google settings, heart rate pro, maps, browser, music, calendar, Play Store, search, clock, and sound recorder.

Ourtime X01S supports apps

Yes, it does. Go to "Settings - Printing - Cloud Print". Your document may pass through one or more servers on its way to the printer.

● The smart watch display is a touch screen, so you can operate it easily with swipes.

● Swipe the display left and right to change the interface.

● Slide the screen up and down with your fingers to switch to a different menu.

● If you require detailed instructions on different functions, please refer to the included user manual.

Five in total. You can view examples here:

Ourtime X01S clock

I hope this post has been useful in getting the most out of your Ourtime X01S 3G Smart Watch Phone. If you require further technical assistance about an issue that we did not cover, including connection, battery, GPS, watch band, etc. – please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Support Center. Our support staff will deal with your query as soon as possible.



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