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Pen displays and pen tablets: what’s the difference?

ByNiki Jones 2018-10-15 22412

Speaking of pen displays and pen tablets, there are many similarities in technologies and partial applications, so people are easy to confuse the two. Then what is the difference between the pen display and the pen tablet? Here is a brief introduction.

What's a pen display?

Pen display, also called hand-painted display and painting display, combines the display and the pen tablet. Users can directly write and paint on the display with the attached pressure sensitive pen.

the design of pen display 

What is a pen tablet?

Pen tablet is also called drawing tablet, computer drawing tablet, hand-painted tablet, etc. It is a kind of computer input equipment, usually consisting of an electronic painting tablet and an electronic pressure sensitive pen. Its working mode is an electronic drawing tablet. When using it, you should connect the drawing tablet to your computer via a USB cable so that it can be powered and transfer data to your computer. The users can draw on the tablet with the attached stylus, and the image will be displayed on the computer screen. With the advantage of computer, the pen tablet can achieve more painting functions than traditional tools.      

the design of pen tablet 

The difference between pen displays and pen tablets

 The pen display can achieve the effect of uniform hand-eye, and the mode is intuitive and efficient. However, the pen tablet need to transition and adapt to the input method of hand-eye separation. The separation of the hand-eye and the difference of the size of tablet will also cause misalignment problem, making many users who are accustomed to painting on paper can't adapt at a time.While the painting LCD display can solve these problems very well.

The pen tablet is small in size and easy to carry. The size and appearance of most pen displays are larger than the pen tablet, which is a professional painting product,but it is not convenient for carrying out and creating.

the comparison of pen displays and pen tablets

The explanation of various technical parameters of pen displays and pen tablets

Here are the three technical parameters of pen displays and pen tablets.

Pressure level

According to the size of the users' strength, the handwriting has different induction of thickness and thinness. According to the standard, it is generally divided into 512 level, 1024 level and 2048 level. The higher the level of pressure sensitivity, the more subtle differences can be sensed.
Read resolution: it refers to the number of network lines per inch in the horizontal or vertical direction of the image. The unit of the number of  lines is line/inch (line/inch), referred to as LPI. For example, 4000LPI means that there are 4000 network cables per inch. The higher the  read resolution, the smaller the sawteeth appearing when the image is enlarged. Common resolutions are 2540, 3048, 4000, 5080.

Read speed

It refers to the measurement of pen tablets reading the information of drawing. The pen tablet with high reading speed is more smooth when drawing. Now the reading speed of the mainstream pen tablets on the market is 133 points/second, 150 points/second, 200 points/second, and 220 points/second. The read speed marks the tablet's the ability of processing data in one second. The higher the read speed, the faster it is displayed, which effectively prevents delays.

Induction height

It refers to the maximum distance from the board when the pressure pen can sense the model number above the tablet. The height of the induction is about 9~15mm, which is the most suitable. It is not easy to appear the focus of losting the pen as soon as picking up it during painting process.

In short,there are differences in the drawing style and price of the pen displays and pen tablets. Whether users want to buy a pen display or pen tablet depends on their actual situation. 


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