Pet lovers guide ❤ how to remove pet hair fast

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Winter is coming. If you're a pet lover, you'll know that spring means your pets will start to shed their hair everywhere.

Here are 5 easy ways to remove the pet hair from your room quickly.

1. Prepare two vacuum cleaners

For this task, a good vacuum cleaner is the best choice for removing unwanted and stray. Prepare two separate vacuum cleaners; the standard one with strong suction can be used to clean hair from the floor or sofas, while the smaller, more portable one can be used to clean your clothes or bed.

vacuum cleaners

2. Try a wide adhesive tape

For areas with significant clusters of hair, just try a wide adhesive tape. This low-tech solution is a great way to clean common dirt quickly and easily without damaging any surfaces – it picks up and holds hair strands easily.

wide adhesive tape

3. Make good use of socks

An effective way to sweep hair, especially in hard to reach places, is to use a dry sock. Sweep the hair directly. Pet hair is generally different from human hair, which curls and knots easily, so the sock is an easy to remove hair.

Make good use of socks

4. The roller sticky is a nice choice

Maybe you can't clean the pet hair on the carpet or from a plush area without a vacuum cleaner - don't worry. Prepare a roller sticky, just roll it on the carpet, and this will lift the pet hair efficiently. After cleaning, simply throw the dirty tape away.

roller sticky

5. Using a sponge to get rid of pet hair

To get pet hair off of couches or other upholstery, use a clean, dry kitchen sponge. Just run it slowly across the couch and the fur will cling to it! Problem solved.


Handy Tips:

● Always prepare a dedicated comb for your pet and regularly comb through their hair; this helps to untangle strands and reduce the amount of stray hair.

● After removing pet hair, disinfect all rooms using a household disinfectant to effectively kill any bacterial residue left behind.

pet hair


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